RedIvory Exquisite

When we think of our customers, more important to us than their time and how they spend it.

So in order to optimize it, the only way to achieve excellence in our service is to pay attention to every single detail from the very beginning to the very end of each experience.

When we design every service, we go through an exhaustive step-by-step process to maximize pleasure in each and every one of the steps in order to create astonishing experiences.

Every customer is unique and so must be their experience. That is why we focus on the maximum possible customization of every service and avoid as much as possible standard packages.

From the extensive variety of services, we can offer our customers eight main groups of services that will cover the most demanded services as well as the option of speci c ones.


  • Captura de pantalla 2020 05 31 a las 10.10.39 690x384 - Monaco Yacht Show 30th edition in September 2020
    May 31, 2020

    Monaco Yacht Show 30th edition in September 2020

    For 30 years, the Monaco Yacht Show has been supporting the development of the business and brand awareness of leading companies from the superyachting and luxury markets. Recognized as the world’s number 1 superyacht event, the MYS appeals to the social and business elite of the yachting industry: the superyacht […]

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  • REDIVORY LOGO high 690x384 - Red Ivory Artists Catalogue
    May 24, 2020

    Red Ivory Artists Catalogue

    For the persons that love and want to know more about all the artists that Red Ivory has promoted, I want to introduce this alphabetical catalogue about all them. If you are interested to buy their extraordinary artworks or do a great exhibition in your city, please, be free to […]

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  • Subconscious Patterns  690x384 - Galina Shamaeva, Contemporary Abstract Artist
    May 17, 2020

    Galina Shamaeva, Contemporary Abstract Artist

    I love Art and artists and from Red Ivory I want to help them arrive to the majority of people. Today I want to present a nice artist and a great person: Galina Shamaeva. Galina Shamaeva’s abstract and expressionist paintings tend to have a striking, mesmerizing effect. Working with mixed […]

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