Tom Bushnell is a very famous British painter. His artworks were accepted in the Royal Academy Summer Show. He has exhibited with some of the leading artists or our time, including John Holland, considered to be the greatest British abstract painter.

His paintings form part of many collections in the UK and across the globe.

Tom’s work has been shown in many galleries and Art Fairs. He has sold over 1,000 paintings in his career.

If you are interested in his artworks, events and exhibitions, you can connect us directly:

Nina Vélez-Troya Anquela Art & Champagne Events

Screenshot 20190307 225812 595x595 - Tom Bushnell Artworks

Tom Bushnell with one of his paintings

Screenshot 20190307 230027 595x598 - Tom Bushnell Artworks

Screenshot 20190307 230016 595x593 - Tom Bushnell Artworks

Screenshot 20190307 230000 595x593 - Tom Bushnell Artworks


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