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Nina Vélez-Troya is a global project focused on providing the ultimate experience of luxury.

We are designing a completely innovative way to promote luxury and to deliver it all over the World thanks to an extensive network of partners whose professional commitment is our most valuable resource.

Our strategy is divided to provide exclusive products and services both on a personal and on a business level.
nina about - Yasmine Mahmoudieh British architect and interior designer
On the personal level, we design full enriched experiences focused on the nest segment. Unforgettable moments that will last many years in their hearts. Planning each and every detail from the very first time a person gets in touch with the brand, to an every day relationship to strengthen and reinforce the ties that bind us to them.

On the business level, we strive to stand at the highest possible level in order to promote table business all over the World. 
We provide connections among businesses and entrepreneurs with investors groups to develop a strong worldwide network.

We have full access to Private Equity Funds that operate on a wide range of sectors providing us with a unique position to influence on the international development of local and global projects.

We count on qualified professionals to offer valuable business and branding consulting services to luxury brands, whether they are new in the market or already consolidated.

Our vast business experience gives us the condence to achieve the best solutions for complex situations seamlessly.

We strive each day to develop new services and to improve the existing ones, in order to become the top of the mind luxury business solution in the market.


Nina Vélez-Troya is the main brand that will hold the vision of the company and will convert its owner’s vision into reality.

It is based on the Personal Brand of its creator and supported by her values. Inspired on top brands like Chanel, it will create a new concept of luxury services to maximize peoples life experience at their four basic levels: body, heart, mind and soul.


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