The «Living in Monaco» book is one of the all-time best selling book written on the Principality of Monaco and its life quality. It is a comprehensive guide in order to help you to make qualified decisions when you come to Monaco with your family.
The book focuses on the living quality, the real-estate scenery, offers a complete guide through the relocation process, a wide area of administrational tasks starting from residence permit, schooling, insurance, etc, as well as on the business formation process and the business operational challenges.

This year in 2020, author Zsolt Szemerszky celebrates the 10th anniversary when he first arrived to the Principality of Monaco, and decided to spend more time in Monaco and its surrounding area. To mark this anniversary, he decided to release the new edition of his iconic book, in a signed, collectible version. The pre-order is already live ( with a limited offer in May.

If you pre-order the book before June, Zsolt will be happy to sign it for you. This way you can have a real collectible memorabilia.

Click here to pre-order your copy:

Zsolt Szemerszky is a passionate admirer of the Principality of Monaco and is committed to promote its core values including its family-oriented and cultural heritage since he first arrived to Monaco in 2010.

Zsolt is the author of multiple internationally published books related to the Principality of Monaco. He provides many compelling reviews on the heritage and lifestyle of Monaco, bringing together the past and present. His «Living in Monaco» book is one of the all-time best selling book on the Principality of Monaco.

Offering his expertise from vast experience, Zsolt helps those who are looking to relocate to the Principality of Monaco by offering them reliable information and trusted service providers.

You can read the interview that I published about him and his professional way to work.

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