the new online Socials Show

about Art, Culture, Fashion and Lifestyle

A friendly international Showcase in Cannes

Hosted by 

Ballet Star, Actress, Singer LORENA BARICALLA with Nina Vélez-Troya, journalist, owner at Red Ivory and Luxury Lifestyle Influence Yulia Berisset. 

Produced by PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production

“Cannes and Friends” is a new online Socials Show about Art, Culture, Fashion and Lifestyle. 

A friendly international Showcase in Cannes hosted by Ballet Star, Actress, Singer Lorena Baricalla with Nina Vélez-Troya  journalist, owner at Red Ivory, and Luxury Lifestyle Influencer Yulia Berisset.

PromoArt  Monte-Carlo Production has now created this new small format for social networks to promote Brands.

Nowadays all promotion works on the social networks and websites and this new concept is an optimum vehicle for all Brands to reach their audience.

In fact as a Brand, to promote your products, you need contents for your “walls” and of faces with a strong image and credibility as the ones of an international star, a lifestyle journalist and a luxury lifestyle Influencer.

The union of all of them give an added value to your promotion.

Moreover Cannes represents since always an international and glamour venue, ideal place to showcase brands. 

As well this format is useful in this particular moment where travels and live events are difficult.

In this small format realized in Cannes Lorena, Nina and Yulia will introduce in a natural way the Brand through their conversation. The location will be a major hotel or the brand’s shop or office.

The general tone will be friendly and stimulating the interest of the audience.

Together they will welcome their Guest (the representative of the Brand) that can attend live (or through a Skype connection if not possible). 

They will interact with him or her talking about the products and promoting them through their image. 

Note as well that “Cannes and Friends” is a twin Socials Show of “Monaco and Friends” and that same opportunities can be offered in Monaco.  

Each episode length: round 15-20 min.


Lorena Baricalla

Debora Ducci, Golden Foot Awards, Montecarlo, Monte-Carlo, Bay, Goldenfoot, Football, gala, Monaco, France

Internationally recognized Lorena Baricalla is a multi-talented artist. She has performed in over 35 countries throughout the world, in theatre and television.

She is a Ballet Star and ChoreographerSinger and Actress as well as Author and Producer.

Moreover she is a Master of Ceremonies for international events and Ambassadress/Endorser for fashion and luxury brands and international projects. This through shootings, the attendance as guest to international events and red carpets, or during PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production’s international events and showcases, as for example the Monaco World Sports Legends Award.


Direct link to showreel: https://vimeo.com/156298986

Nina Velèz-Troya Anquela

Hotel Crillon Paris

Nina Vélez-Troya, started her activities as a journalist in different mass media and also at the Spanish Television and Barcelona TV and later opened her own company about luxury concierge, commodities, events and business.

 She founded Red Ivory, a luxury web Magazine about Lifestyle and Art.

Link to Red Ivory: www.redivory.org

Nina Vélez-Troya is also a global project focused on providing the ultimate experience of luxury, designing a completely innovative way to promote luxury for exquisite brands that let us offer the best solutions for them. 

Link to NVT:  www.ninaveleztroya.com

Yulia Berisset

She is an international Luxury Lifestyle Influencer, renowned on Instagram as  _queeny_j 

She promotes Brands and international Projects through shootings and the attendance as guest to international events and red carpets,

As well she realizes her own online and printed Magazine entitled The Glam. 

Here are as examples 3 episodes in the series of “Monaco and Friends”.

Each of them can also be seen on Lorena Baricalla‘s and PromoArt’s socials, on Red Ivory’s and Nina Vélez-Troya’s socials, and on _queeny_j Yulia Berisset’s socials.

MONACO AND FRIENDS, the new Socials Show – Ep.1

March 27th 2021 – Events & Shows

“MONACO and FRIENDS” is the new Socials Show about Art, Culture, Fashion and Lifestyle!
A friendly international Showcase in Monaco hosted by Ballet Star, Actress, Singer Lorena Baricalla with luxury lifestyle influencer Yulia Berisset aka @_queeny_j !

Ep.1 is about different topics:  Fashion & Luxury, New Projects, “No Limits Life”, Supporting young people, “Origins, the Answer” Trilogy Books”!

What’s going on in Monaco is intriguing  to a lot of people throughout the world.

«Monaco and Friends» allows all the Fans to participate and live this exciting life. Join us!


April 03rd 2021 – Events & Shows

Episode 2 of “MONACO and FRIENDS”, the new online Socials Show about Art, Culture, Fashion and Lifestyle created and produced by PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production.

A friendly international Showcase in Monaco hosted by Ballet Star, Actress, Singer Lorena Baricalla with, in this Episode 2, Nina Vélez-Troya, journalist, owner at Red Ivory Magazine.

An interesting conversation about many different topics which is the prelude to the upcoming “Cannes and Friends”!

In fact as the shining Monaco, Cannes and Côte d’Azur are international and glamorous places. Everyone in the world knows the Cannes Film Festival.

International Star LORENA BARICALLA will host “Cannes and friends” with journalist NINA VÉLEZ-TROYA and Luxury Lifestyle Influencer YULIA BERISSET aka queens_j

For sure “Monaco and Friends” and “Cannes and Friends” will allow the Fans to discover all the secrets and live this exciting and exclusive life!


Discover all the secrets of the celebrity life in Monaco, the World Sports Legends Award red carpet, the motivation behind success and much more by watching the Episode 3 of “Monaco and Friends”!

A friendly international Showcase in Monaco hosted by Ballet Star, Singer, Actress Lorena Baricalla with luxury lifestyle influencer @_queeny_j Yulia Berisset.

In this episode Yulia makes a surprise to Lorena organizing a meeting in the house of Hair Guru Vladimir Usachev of Aldo Coppola Monaco. A lovely moment!

«Monaco and Friends», is the new online Socials Show about Art, Culture, Fashion and Lifestyle produced by PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production.

Both formats are produced by PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production. 

Production Director: Tino Genovese. Communication Director: Dan Lavore. 

Each episode length: round 15-20 min. 


Lorena Baricalla, Nina Vélez-Troya and Yulia Berisset will introduce your brand and concept and then welcome you as a Guest live (or through a Skype connection). 

– Filming will be realized in the style and with the materials used for the social networks. 

– You can provide some of your products and promotional materials as a brochure, that can be shown during the conversation.

PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production will realize an editing with graphics, names, music and all needed.

  • You will get your copy of the Episode to share it as a content on your socials as a promotional vehicle for your Brand.

As well for a cross-linked promotion we will share it on:

  • Lorena Baricalla’s official website and on all social platforms on Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, Linkedin, Facebook as well on round 100 “Facebook groups” of Cannes, Monaco and international Lifestyle.
  • Red Ivory and Nina Vélez-Troya’s socials on all platforms on Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook, and on online Red Ivory Magazine.
  • Yulia Berisset’s socials on all platforms on Instagram and Facebook, and on online version of The Glam Magazine. 
  • PromoArt’s socials on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, 

The episode will be realized in English.

If this can be useful for your Brand the presentation parts can also be realized by Lorena Baricalla, Nina Vélez-Troya and Yulia Berisset in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Ukrainian.

The Editing for each language will be realized.

For information about the costs of participation please contact us:


26, Avenue de Grande Bretagne – 98000 Monte-Carlo Principauté de Monaco 

Tel e fax: 00377 – 93257762 – Mob. company: 00377 – (0)6 80863762 

Email : info@promoart-montecarlo.com – Website: www.promoart-montecarlo.com

Cannes: contact@redivory.org

As well 2 more appointments can be organized each 3 months at same conditions for a promotional follow up and a continuity process.

PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production Monaco based operates at international level. 

It is specialized in the conception and production of unique big events and shows for corporate and private clients, theaters and events.

In addition PromoArt create new entertainment projects and develop our activities in cinema, television, multimedia and music production. 

Direct link to PromoArt Showreel : https://vimeo.com/178184558 

website :  http://www.promoart-montecarlo.com


 “The only way to be a star is to be part of Universe. Be a star with us”


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