Mediterranean, Healthy, Elegant & Unique

The most sophisticated non-alcoholic organic beverage!

CHICA is the first Premium organic beverage in the world blending olive leaves, mediterranean herbs and natural organic fruit juices.

Organic beverages served at the Hotel Ritz Paris for the exclusive event EXCELLENCE MADE IN SPAIN hosted by Luxury Spain, the Princess Béatrice d’Orléans and the Embassy of Spain in France.

Selected as the premium organic beverage to be served during the celebration of NIKKI BEACH 20th Anniversary at Cannes Film Festival 2019.

Nelly Rodi – Paris, trend visionary and world guru of what it is to comes has chosen CHICA as a trend organic drink of the next years.

In Europe, available at gourmet shops, concept stores, organic products stores, luxury hotels and restaurants, as well as in the 75 stores from Club Del Gourmet at El Corte Inglés.

The only non-alcoholic beverage in the world served in a tasting cart bathed in 24 carat gold designed especially for the brand degustations.

Organic beverages served at the fashion shows and VIP’S events of the Spanish fashion designer Roberto Verino.

When you think you have already taste everything, arrives CHICA. Exquisite, refreshing, sophisticated, a sublimation for the senses, although if we had to define it with a single adjective, that would be, without a doubt: SURPRISING

Mandarin, olive leaves, rosemary and thyme; Lemon, olive leaves, basil and mint; Apricot, olive leaves, lavender and honey. CHICA UNUSUAL BLENDS contains olive leaves in each one of the flavours because they are rich in OLEUROPEIN, known in the Mediterranean diet for its multiple benefits that we can use to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Made from carefully selected organic Mediterranean ingredients, this 100% natural and healthy drink is aimed at people who appreciate the delicacy and quality of organic products and who want to experience new taste sensations.

The prestigious trend agency based in Paris and offices in Tokyo and New York, Nelly Rodi, visionary of trends and global guru of what is to comes has chosen CHICA BLENDS UNUSUAL as the trend organic drink for the coming years, her agency is a huge global radar that captures the wishes of the future and 70% of the world trend market is guided by the forecasts of Rodi.

CHICA UNUSUAL BLENDS is an exclusive drink unique in its kind that born to position itself as an essential in the world premium gourmet organic market, which has led the brand to develop a luxurious and distinguished packaging as sophisticated perfumes, haute couture and luxury spirits, with the aim of turning this organic infusion into an exclusive beverage of desire.

This, united with its extraordinary flavor, makes CHICA UNUSUAL BLENDS, despite its short trajectory, are already present in reference gourmet stores such as the 75 shops from El Club Del Gourmet at El Corte Inglés, in restaurants and luxury hotels and now preparing for the international expansion outside Europe.

No added sugar, gluten free, non-carbonated, no artificial dyes, no preservatives becomes the perfect choice for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you are interested to import or distribute them, please, contact directly with us:

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