Bachelor of Fine Art –

Specialized in sculpture

Liné Ringtverd Thordarson graduated from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in Reykjavik and is Bachelor of Fine Art. Since 1997 she has had solo and group exhibitions on Danish and foreign museums, galleries, cultural centers and institutes, including France, Monaco, Germany, Iceland, Italy and Greece. She has made ​​several outdoor bronze sculptures at home and abroad. Is also artistic coordinator at various art events and artist in residence with the support of the National Arts Council. Is the founder of the multi artistic performance group Culturesheart. She has lived and worked as a performer in France for 5 years. Now lives in Aarhus, DK, where she works at the studio, Spanien 19B. Kalkværksvej 7. Also she works and expose in South of France and in Monaco.

Bronze Sculptures on sale. For more information, please, connect us:

Strenght Bronze Sculpture: 

Bronze 60 cm L

LINÉ Strenght 60 cm L 960x1444 - Bronze Sculptures of Liné Ringtved Thordarson


Pleasure Bronze Sculpture:

Bronze 40 cm L

LINÉ Pleasure 40 cm L 960x613 - Bronze Sculptures of Liné Ringtved Thordarson


Piece of Mind Bronze Sculpture:

Bronze 38 cm H




EZE Woman on Bronze Pedestal: 

Bronze 20 cm H

LINÉ Eze woman on bronze pedestal. 20 cm H - Bronze Sculptures of Liné Ringtved Thordarson


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