Yulia Berisset is a very famous luxury lifestyle blogger and influencer and also she is a High End Jewelry Ambassador. 

Born in Kiev, Ukraine decided to live in London.

“I used to live in London, had been studying fashion business but when I moved here my life changed completely. Before covid I was hosting one and only accepted in Regency International Beauty Pageant “Miss TheGlam Monaco International” and once per year the most beautiful girls from all over the world were coming here for the Final of the Pageant. It was amazing 4 days event. Also together with my sister we were running glossy magazine TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine but also this business on stand by due to current restrictions. We didn’t really want to do it online but probably we will change our mind.”

She has been living in Monaco since 6 years already and her career started here since she moved. 

“Today I built myself as an influencer, however, my blog is devoted to luxury lifestyle so I present mostly jewelry and haute couture fashion. I attend and support many events as blogger starting from charity balls in Monaco finishing Cannes Film Festival and many other big Events. Also, I support my sister’s psychological projects based on a sleep deprivation. By this amazing method during last year we were able to transform minds and level up life of more than thousand people!!! We are doing private coaching and also running online psychological group programs. Here we gained big success in terms of opening new tools and opportunities to heal people.”

Yulia, you are now focused in the luxury world and I would like that you can share with us what does luxury mean for you and how a famous blogger lives this world.

First of all, luxury means comfort but also beauty and exclusivity. Since I am living in one if the most beautiful places in the world I just can’t go for less:) It concerns to a lifestyle and state of mind as well. Some people will be happy everywhere, they don’t pay attention to the place and environment, me is different! I am perfectionist, I love to be surrounded by beautiful things and beautiful people, create beautiful atmosphere around where everyone is shining! You can’t make it if surrounding is different. I have the same attitude to my appearance and and health, this is also a part of a luxury lifestyle that’s why I am trying to make my blog in Instagram as perfect and creative as possible and share my vibes with others.

You were part of the Regency International Beauty Pageant “Miss TheGlam Monaco International”. How was this experience for you and also for the other girls?

I am, actually, the founder of the project! Together with my sister, we did our best to bring unforgettable experience to participants, guests and to ourselves! Every edition was very special, we were carefully selecting all girls like that everyone could benefit with future opportunities and have the best memories from the Event. Every Event brought us a lot of new contacts and opportunities for further development in other projects and popularity here in Monaco which has priceless value.

For the people that don’t know what does a High End Jewelry Ambassador work, can you clarify about this?

Being Ambassador means to represent  jewelry brands between my audience and, of course, involve new people as potential buyers. I represent timeless pieces the way I want in frames of my image,  like this people are able to see unique pieces not only boutiques vitrines but also in day to day life in different styles and situations, and how exactly every piece can emphasize your personality.

Luxury world but also psychological projects with your sister. How you can combine these different worlds?

In fact it’s not complicated as the main point of our psychological programs is to reset humans mindsets in terms of wealth. These two topics are always going alongside. Once the person becomes more successful and open minded he will always seek for luxury lifestyle.

The roll of an influencer is important because of the power over the followers. You need to have very clear what you can advice or not, isn’t it?

Exactly!!! I don’t do a lot of advertising in my social media. If I advice something it’s really things I have try on myself or use it myself or integrated in everyday life. I will never introduce my audience with anything for the sick of money. Being a  blogger  here in such a small country demands to keep a good reputation, than the level of trust is growing together with the audience.

You contribute frequently to the charity events to support them specially about children. I suppose that you are really proud about this…

I believe that if you have the opportunity to be kind and useful for society, you should do it. I think that everyone may contribute in charity. It’s not necessary financial help, it may be something else. I helped to rise up funds to Caudwell Children Foundation 2 years in a raw and I proud of it. If my help brought happiness in life at leader of one child, than I am more than happy.

Now I want that you share with us the new projects about “MONACO and FRIENDS” and “CANNES and FRIENDS” that are the New Socials Show about Art, Culture, Fashion and Lifestyle hosted by our common friend, Lorena Baricalla and her company PROMOART MONTE-CARLO PRODUCTION and you and I.

Give us your thoughts and secrets about this amazing opportunity that Lorena has offered both to promote brands and discover a new way to work with them.

Well, as you know social media has huge impact to people but today, there are so much advertising, that you get lost in what is good and what is bad… People are loosing interest to see regular content. If you go in Instagram and look at the feed you will definitely notice that everyone do more or less same things copying each other. This Show is a way different! We don’t sell, don’t promote anyone  directly, we give opportunity to our guests to speak about themselves and benefits of their activity. We keep concept of friendly conversation which keep the viewer interested and learn new things from every edition. It’s another kind of impact, when we share good vibes. For us it’s great opportunity also to show up a little bit of Monaco and Côté D’Azur Life to our dearest international audience.

What do you think these brands are looking for their promotion and they expect about this kind of shows?

To be shown from different sides, not only like a brand but also like a personality who is behind the brand, to share their story . At my opinion it’s better than any kind of advertising campaign! Moreover, those who come to us knows that we have high quality trustful audience from different parts of the world. This is their target. And or trio is a perfect match to host this kind of projects as we all have different followers 🙂

Are you ready to work with Lorena and me?

Yessss! We are a dream team! Three beautiful successful ambitious women! Couldn’t be better!!!