Today I want to share this interesting article by Dr. Monica Mergiu, Founder of the Royal Arts Visions magazine. Member of the German Writers’ Union, Member of the Intl. Federation of Journalists who conducted an interview to Dr. Abbes Koesh, Director General of the University House of Printing, Publishing and Translation.

«Legendary Babylon. Beauty and power. History and glory. A story from past to the present. Archeological treasures speaking about one of the most fascinating journeys called Mesopotamia. Palm trees and warriors, reality or fiction the spectacular and mythical legend of the magical Babylon’s Gardens symbol of King Nabuchodonosor’s love for his enchanting Queen Semiramis. War, peace, arts, culture, a brilliant, vibrant past sparkling in each stone along the endless rivers, Tigris and Euphrates. Today, a new time of revival, courage and reconsideration of a new path, historical, social, economical and ofcourse more than anything else cultural. Iraq is ready to re – open its portals to the world, to redefine his modern history, remembering the old past with a great love for the ancient traditions, folklore, heritage, the ancient glory of a nation with huge cultural echo worldwide.
The modern Iraq of nowadays have the strong will to develop a large cultural exchange and cooperation with all countries, especially with Europe, in order to promote and provide rich information about the meaning of the real iraqi lifestyle, intellectuality, historical and social background, speaking about the marvelous possibilities to be achieved by building a real strong cross cultural friendship bridge and cultural dialog.

Dr. Abbes Koesh, Director General of the University House of Printing, Publishing and Translation.

Our conversation partner the renowned iraqi University Professor Dr. Abbas AL Kuaish, artist, journalist, writer, director of Iraqi Bookstore of Printing and Publishing House tells us proudly that he considers as his personal mission the improvement of the cultural dialog between his land Iraq and the rest of the world. Appointed over the years in different positions in the cultural field, responsible for different research centres and Universities in Baghdad, Dr. Abbas explained us that there is no future without the past and he considers himself blessed for having all chances and possibilities to rediscover and preserve the ancient historical documents, reediting and reprinting numerous books, journals, art catalogs for students, artists, art lovers, collectors and collectionars.

Dr. Abbas AL Kuaish is a marvelous story teller and a great artist with more than 20 solo exhibitions permanently organizing different events, supporting especially the young generation of artists to express and explore their talents, skills and artistic abilities. He says that nothing is more important than recognizing the cultural identity. The heritage is the basis of the modern development. The folklore must be influential and inspirational, a motivation and a motivator for the modern arts.

Dr. Abbas AL Kuaish is currently working on a large publishing project about the new Iraqi arts and culture movement with the great hope and strong wish to provide the most beautiful Iraqi artworks and other symbols of the Iraqi culture from the classical to the modern times, giving a larger vision to the European public about the huge and magnificent treasure of Iraq.
Asking Dr. Abbas how would he describe Iraq in one word, he says : Tiger! Why? Because the tiger is one of the most beautiful creations of the nature, intelligent, courageous, brave, passionate and so much proud! Let’s rediscover Iraq like the Tiger of Babylon»

  Dr. Abbes Abdel Hussein Koesh Fayadh Al Furaji
 General Manager of the University House of Printing, Publishing and Translation
– Date of recruitment: 02/ 07/ 1995
– Degree: Doctor of Fine Arts
– Scientific title: Professor 08/ 03/ 2008

Professional title Date obtained
– Assistant Teacher 1995
– Teacher 1999
– Assistant Master 2002
– Teacher 2008

– Master of Fine Arts, Ceramics, Academy of Fine Arts, University of Baghdad, Iraq, 15/ 08/ 1991
– Master of Fine Arts, Faculty of Baghdad, Iraq, 22/ 12/ 1994
– Doctorate in Fine Arts, Faculty of Baghdad, Iraq, 29/ 07/ 2000

Title of the Master’s thesis and the Thesis:
– Title of the Master’s thesis: «Cosmic influences of iron oxide added to the ceramic body».
– Title of the Thesis: «Possibility of using local materials to produce porcelain». 

Scientific functions :
Administrative function ,Date and Place
– Head of the Department of Architectural Decoration from 1995 to 1997 of the Institute of Applied Arts
– Associate of the Dean of Administrative Affairs, from 2001 to 2006 of the Institute of Applied Arts
– Associate of the Dean of Administrative Affairs, from 2007 to 2009 of the Institute of Technologies in Baghdad
– Associate Dean of Administrative Affairs, from 2011 to 2013 at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Baghdad
– Associate Dean of Administrative Affairs, from 2013 to 2014 at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Baghdad
-Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Baghdad from 2015 to 2019
– Director General of the University House of Printing, Publishing and Translation, from 2020 until now, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Research and commissions :
– Acknowledgement and appreciation books: More than 100 books
– Certificates of appreciation: 30 certificates of appreciation
– Published researches: 10 researches
– Evaluation of research (formulation of expertise, scientific expert, scientific evaluation): 121 research
– National and international scientific conferences: 36 conferences
– Training sessions, national and international workshops: 65 sessions
– Certificates of appreciation: 121 certificates
– Scientific commissions (ministry/university/faculty): 78 commissions
– Commissions for teaching accreditation: 4 commissions
– Commissions of deliberation (Doctorate, Master): more than 160 commissions
– National and international exhibitions: 15 exhibitions

Some of the great artworks of Prof. Dr. Abbas AL Kuaish 

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