The second edition of the International Art EXPO -managed by Anne Clace Gallery– showed that artists have a great evolution and the event, an interesting future to show them.

 Myriam Kruisheer-Ortega received her Press Award in the painting category.

This edition was celebrated last March 2022 and today I want to share this great artist that has received several Awards for her special sensitivity, which is reflected in each of her works.

Myriam  Kruisheer Ortega Altamirano is a 64 years old. Mexican born Netherlands national that has been an expatriate since 1978, a true global nomad. She lived all over the world; The Netherlands, Belgium, UAE, India, Gabon, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Greece, to name a few. During her travels she also extensively visited China, South-Africa, Lebanon, most of Europe, Tajikistan and other countries.

«I am a multidisciplinary artist and active in cultural diplomacy, building of cultural bridges of understanding and friendship, finding communalities and celebrating differences, a feat I have learned from my parents at early age.

I aim to convey a simple message of friendship, love, respect, and peace through Cultural Diplomacy fine arts, as well as identifying a common ground between cultures and religions.

I have been approached to join Colors for Peace Association in May 2018 in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah where I was living that time.

By 2019 I was appointed to the project as International Ambassador and later Ambassador to the Netherlands and Suriname. I was also involved in setting up the representation of Mexico, Nepal, at the present The Netherlands and The Republic of Suriname. 

I worked with the Dutch and international communities at Emirati schools in the United Arab Emirates. I also had the honor to represent Nepal and Mexico at the international exhibition for Colors for Peace in Tirana Albania and at the Coliseum of Rome during the International Peace Day. I am looking forward to making a significant presence in the Netherlands and eventually to present an international exhibition of children’s and young people’s drawings for Peace in a venue, for example, as the International Peace Palace!

I promote Mexican & Universal Art to Arab, International & Chinees audiences and vice versa and others through art exhibitions and attendance at Art Festivals (non-profit). Each work is intended for different people and different countries with the purpose of carrying a transcendental message of peace between nations, cultures and different religions».

Multiple prominent professional exhibitions as the only Mexican – Dutch presence:

Culturel International Festival of the Miniature et de L’Enluminure, Septième session. Tlemcen, République Algérienne Démocratique et Populaire, Minister of Culture. Where I had the honor of putting the flag of Mexico for the first time in that prestigious festival among more than 35 Muslim nations and Russia, the United States, Japan, China and Mexico.

Center for the Art of Arabic Calligraphy and Ornamentation, Sharjah, Al Dhaid, Dubai, multiple exhibitions.

Palace of Culture of Sharjah, exhibition of the International Day of the Arabic Language, 2013.

Latin Fest Dubai 2015, representing Mexico as an artist (non-profit) in the exhibition booth of the Embassy of Mexico, along with compatriots who exhibited their crafts, art and textiles.

FASUNITY 2017 Dubai. Collective Representation of Art and Textiles at the Center for Islamic Affairs.

Burj Al Arab Exhibition, collective of Ibero-American artists.

The Arab Club Exhibition in group. 2014 and 2017. In the second festival organized in my own initiative with the unconditional collaboration of my teachers and the Arab Club, I had the opportunity to present works with images of the Mayan codices after having done research and deepen the history, visiting the Museum of Anthropology of Mexico, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the digital bookstores of the University of Oxford, several books of private collection, only to recreate (in my artistic interpretation) and understand the codices to be able to transmit the pre-hispanic culture to prominent schoolchildren of the Arab world.

Fine Arts Festival Ras AL Khaimah, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Prestigious and exclusive festival of fine arts organized by the Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research. The latter with the honorable presence of His Excellency Mrs. Ambassador Francisca Elisabeth Méndez Escobar, as guest of honor in the presentation of my work «The Stone of the Sun».

Ras Al Khaima Fine Arts festival VI (2018) Honorable presence of HE Consul General David Dávila Estefan  

Sorbonne de Paris University  Art exhibition Abu Dhabi UAE 47 th National Day 

Ras Al Khaima Fine Arts Festival (2019 Honorable presence of HE David Davila E Consul Of Mexico to the UAE 

Ras al Khaima Fine Arts Festival 2020 


Art history & appreciation Benjamin Franklin Cultural Institute  Mexico City. 

National Autonomous University of Mexico, Faculty of Dentistry (unfinished)

Solo Exhibition:  Three Cultures one Heart and China-Mexico Caravan.

Thee cultures Arabic, Chinese, Mexican. Creating a celebration of common grounds in different cultures through Art. By bringing art works to the audience that will remove the mystery of the scripts and images. in order to create an experience that transcends the galleries, museums and showrooms consolidating cultures though art, peace and beauty.

«The last 7 years I have been studying Arabic calligraphy, Islamic Art & culture, Chinese Art, calligraphy, traditional ink painting and folks costume painting (Min Su Hua). The Mexican Maya art works are a nostalgic revival of my early years as an Artist; they are presented on original bark paper that only grows in Mexico. Images of Maya Codex after Dresden Codex, Saxon State Library, Images created on the base of the Phenomenology school Edmond Husserl. Three great civilizations! united by beauty, love mystery of the scripts, colors, traditions. I have chosen this particular art works that present to the audience the ultimate beauty of the Arabic script, Diwani & Cufic Calligraphy and the great solemnity, wisdom & humanity that the texts describe.»

The Chinese Artwork intent to highlight the ultimate “love”, mother’s love, freedom of nature, dream & philosophy in all times and circumstances. The Mexican Art works present one of the ancient cultures of Mexico, the Mayas, great warriors, astronomers & scientist that have prevailed for centuries.

2018: International Ambassador for I Colori per la Pace, NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, Italian Diplomatic Initiative to promote Peace among children worldwide. Antonio Gianelli, President with great support by the European Union.

Solo exhibition China – Mexico Caravan, organized by the Mexican Embassy in Beijing China and Dadi Galery of Art, April 18th, 2018 

Matera, European Capital of culture 2019, Mudic Museum Group, Exhibition Art from the World September 22nd, 2019.

Exhibition At the 5th Global Pioneerism, Innovation and Excellence Conference, October 22nd, 2019. 

Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, 26 October 2019.

Group Exhibition November 2019, Center for the Art of Calligraphy and Ornamentation, Sharjah.

January 2020, Adeshah Hand Painted Art Exhibition, Public Library Sharjah.

January 2020, Mexican Art. Mexican Embassy in Abu Dhabi UAE.

January 31st – March 31st 2020, Ras Al Khaimah 8th fine Arts Festival, Ras Al Khaimah UAE.

March 8th -15th, Chamber Of Commerce, Woman’s Day Art Exhibition

June 5th 2020, Amsterdam NDSM, Sail-A-Future Fusion, 20 years anniversary exhibition

Sept 20th 2020 International Peace Day Event  Arte Sin Fronteras Por La Paz organization & Universidad SURCOLOMBIANA 

Nov 2020 Renacimiento Pandémico  International exhibition International exhibition Cancun Mexico 

 What did it mean for you to participate in the second edition of the International Art EXPO and to receive the Award for your category?

Its a great honor and distinction for me. It motivates me and inspires others, several artist friends have expressed. I am truthy very grateful for the Prix de la Presse

How has this Award affected your work and your life?

The «Prix the la Presse» reminded me of the inner artist in me, brings me back to a place of creativity, when my personal working life is consumed by duties and affects my creativity but then again the «Prix de la Presse» awakens in me that “Je ne sais qua” that results in new project.

Would you recommend other artists to participate in this event?

Definitely yes! In fact many friends have enquired about the Prix Artists from many different corners of the world, its very important to share and to participate in the International Art events of this level and nature, healthy competition where everybody wins by being a part of this prestigious event.

How do you see your professional life developing over the next five years?

It’s incredible the transformation that the pandemic has done in the world and in the Art ecosystem, So its necessary to renew paths, my relationship with my artworks learning and adapting to continue in a comfortable a relevant place in the artworld without a before and a before or after, but rather in a continues journey aiming for excellence in my artistic experience.