Flowers have always been a sign of beauty that has adorned gardens, houses, hotels and with their own language they have expressed different feelings.

Each of the flowers speaks with its shape, color, smell and its vision gives us joy and peace.

It is probably one of the most exciting and beautiful jobs. And the Floral Art and its compositions can obtain extraordinary results in the different spaces where we put them.

TIËSTO BCN is a lovely florist located in Barcelona that only offers fresh flowers.

I have had the pleasure to enjoy them and admire the different varieties that has.

In TIËSTO BCN everything is born with the idea that everything starts from the root. That the flower is as important as the object where it is deposited, the paper with which it is wrapped and the presence it has when it is delivered to customers.

In addition to the floral compositions that can be found in the store, it offers thematic courses to learn how to develop a taste for Floral Art and learn the various techniques to achieve authentic professional results.

A true delight for all those who love flowers!



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