I had the pleasure to meet Jorge Terra severals years ago and immediately I saw his creativity and value. For this reason, I always use his dresses in luxury events and I support him in everything I can.
He is a good friend and a wonderful professional.

«The Brand JORGE TERRA, founded in 1998, is synonemous with style, quality and excellence. As a self-trained designer, I have created myself without external influences and in accordance with my personal style.
I have a deep passion for my profession. I feel born with the talent needed to give the best of me and ensure that this be the most beautiful, passion-filled project that I have dreamed of. I aim to reflect this in each and every one of the pieces that I create; garments that may appear to be the fruit of some sort of natural chaos. Unique designs with details that make each piece truly exclusive.

My brand reflects me, I am very @terra; her beauty and grandiosity are the sources of my inspiration. The Earth without changes, the nature that makes her, with all her shapes, colours, smells and energies. Everything she possesses motivates and inspires me.
Every dress, every garment is like a child springing from the intrinsic simplicity of my observation and understanding; conceived in my dreams.
The brand Jorge Terra cares about ecology and environmental protection, reuse of materials, transformation, finding new techniques that don’t damage the ecosystem. For this reason, we believe in customized designs and in clients that value awareness and exclusivity.
We have over 20 years’ experience in bridal and party wear. We have been fortunate enough to take part in many fairs, with doors opening to an international market.
We continue to invest in innovation, for a product that makes real the dreams of our clients; 100% satisfying their needs.»

2020 Collection 

This new collection marks the transition of our fashion house with the opening of a new flagship store in Barcelona. A collection of handmade designs; fully produced in our atelier. 

Bridal gowns of tulle, taffeta, Peau d’Ange, laces, gauzes, and other fabrics such as rayon, silk, polyester, and decorated with crystals, feathers and artisanal embroidery. 

«When you visit our website or boutique, think that everything is what you see but that nothing is what is seems. There is no room for ‘ego’ when everything is ephimereal. 

A designer’s style is a base that he adapts to each client. Everything can be customized. Change fabrics and combine models and shapes to create new silhouettes. That’s why we’re here and that’s what we work for; ensuring that your wardrobe needs are satisfied when you come to Jorge Terra».

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