The INTERNATIONAL ART EXPO Edition 2021 has been an international artistic event in Sarthe organized by ANNE CLACE director of “Art Gallery Chercheur d’Artistes”, it is a competition which brings together different Artists from around the world who exhibit their work and talk about their ARTS for an exchange multicultural and enrich communication between artists and collectors.

The Art Gallery Chercheur d’Artistes in its first edition organized the Award of the Press (from 14 May till 27 May 2021) and the Award of the Jury (from 28 May till next 9 June).

The gallery was born in 2018, it is located at 73 rue Aristide Briand 72500 château du loir.

It is a central town ideally located between Le MANS and TOURS, an ideal hub to promote artists.

This gallery gives the opportunity to established or emerging artists to exhibit their works alongside that of other artists, regardless of expression, emotion and material. Always in search of quality technical and / or artistic originality.

I want to share with you the artists that received their Award in the different categories.


«I was born on December 26, 1964 in Marseille, I paint since my youngest age in a self-taught way. As a student at the Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Marseille, my artistic career has been punctuated and hampered by the vagaries of life, I have only really taken up brushes very seriously for about ten years.

Luc Brun-Perasso Prize of Jury for Painting

I use India ink and colored brush to create hyperrealistic works, compositions, portraits and scenes that move us, whose deep blacks enhance the light.

The detail, the meticulous side grabs me, calls me, nourishes me and frees me.

I cultivate a sense of detail so that my paintings take us on inner journeys that reconnect us to our humanity.

Perfectionism drives my creativity and allows me to share my vision of the world, my questions, my concerns and my hopes.

Listed at Drouot and exhibiting more and more often, I hope to share my art more and more widely on the international scene.»

What has it meant for you to participate in this first edition of International Art EXPO and to be awarded the Prize for your category?

I was given the chance to participante to the first edition of international art expo when Mrs. Anne Clace contacted me after having seen my work in Paris in Thuillier galery where I was participating to a Painting award.

Shortly after that, living in the south of France I had to reorganize my agenda, we could meet in person when I was greeted to the art gallery « chercheur d’artistes ».

I enjoyed the place harmony as well as Mrs. Clace’s positive energy, commitment and professionalism.

We agreed on a selection of my chinese inks for the event, … and one month alter I was there, exposing with high quality artists, hoping my art will please.

When I have been informed that « The elephants and the matriarch » won the first jury prize I was touched and proud. Unfortunately I could not attend the Awards ceremony.

How has this Prize affected your work and your life?

With this prize, I realized the opportunity given to me to extend my work visibility to largest frontiers, as I know my art can be really recognized if it is made visible by art professional.

Encouraging my efforts, recognizing my talent, it definitely makes me stronger. I can envisage a long-term relationship with Red Ivory and the « researcher of artists gallery ».

Would you recommend participation in this event to other artists?

Yes I would definitely recommand anyone to visit and any artist to participate to this quality art event.

How do you see your professional life developing over the next five years?

My inks are progressing with time, more and more precise, while the staging of my paintings take more and more place.

Developing animals as they are suffering worldwide, embracing sci-fi and légende paintings as our world is transforming… I have many ongoing work and the head full of ideas for new paintings, while developing new contacts to show and share my art worldwide.



Anne Petit

It’s a great pleasure to have received the first prize of sculpture.

This award allows me to show my work and also the work of porcelain, my favorite clay. I would like to help the public to see porcelain in a new light. This well-known clay allows me to express my art, which ranges from sculpture to jewellery.

My works are always unique and treated with the same consideration and delicacy from the smallest to the largest works.

This award has allowed me to become known to professionals as a craftsman. I hope that this award will allow me to expand my customers and make myself more known.

I recommend other artists to participate in this event. It is an opportunity to meet other artists in different fields and to get exposure to an audience of art lovers and other galleries.

I hope to have an international customers. I would like to be recognized for my work on porcelain and to give back to this clay its letters of nobility, emblem of French luxury.

Ane Petit Prize of Jury for Sculpture






Claire Laloux with her Prize

After an artistic journey (interior decoration), I have my own drawings made on ceramic objects. In collaboration with Italian artists. I am creating a luxury ceramics business, based in Brussels.

After twenty years or so I tried watercolor, and finally realized my pleasure in expression in oils.

My works fluctuate to the rhythm of sparks, encounters, my current state of mind and surprises..

My exhibitions, both in Belgium ( Bruges, Namur, Spa,Etc.) and in France (Paris, Aix-les-Bains, Saumur or even in Switzerland (Geneva) always appeal to me and give me excellent feedback 

Claire Laloux artworks





David Penez is a gifty self-taught photographer. He permanently shoots and looks at things in a highly personal way.
«My camera turns into a poet’s pen and ink to express myself in praise of the world around us. I have plenty of attempts and always try to perfect my knowledge andtechnique.
I use and play on light and colours and movements in order to reveal what’s occuring at the moment being as best as I can.
As a poet would do to the ear, my work as a photographer consists in matching light and shapes to make them harmonious, well-balanced and pleasing to the eye.
I’ve been learning techniques of photography for 3 years. In 2015, I decided to take part in photo exhibitions as a way to share my artistic world in front of everybody.

On the 20th of September 2019, the work of art «Vidocq» entered Arras city’s cultural heritage. It is a 3Dphotograph stuck on a great poster (150x120cm).
This «Vidocq» work got in Arras’ heritage on the day the mayor received it. (cf : see the enclosed newspaper’s article) remise vidocq video.

David Penez ©2016

You took part in this first international exhibition «Art EXPO» and were first in your class. You therefore were awarded. What does all this mean for you?

Above all, it’s been a great honor to meet Anne CLACE and this was humanely a really enriching experience.
Indeed, Anne CLACE is very keen on art and she came across another passionate person, so keen on photography, i-e me!
Then, it’s been very interesting to enter the artistic world; I could thus share my own artistic universe and I was
so satisfied to be given a prize. This allows me to get on creating and go on sharing my work with with you all.

What was the impact of this award on your work and life?
I could stay at «Chercheurs d’Artistes» Art Gallery. Besides, Anne CLACE and I intend to work together.
In the long run, I’m sure we’ll be rewarded for our working together.

David Penez © 2020

Would you advise other artists to take part in this event?
Yes, I would, because it’s such a great experience and also it’s a very nice way to get in the art world and find people to work with in the future.

For the next 5 years, how do you intend to lead your professional life?
I will still be working in my 3 different fields. Among these, I would like to develop the third one, which is art exhibition. I would like art exhibition to get a more important place in my life in order to create more works of art. I ‘d love to improve again and again and share my universe with all France.



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