Raouf Meftah “the Art of drawing LOVE”

INTERNATIONAL ART EXPO Edition 2021 is an international artistic event in Sarthe organized by ANNE CLACE director of “Researcher of Artists Gallery”, it is a competition which brings together different Artists from around the world who exhibit their work and talk about their ARTS for an exchange multicultural and enrich communication between artists and collectors. Rouf Meftah is the guest of honor and member of the Jury, during the event Raouf Meftah provided support for the artists and for the organization so that this event becomes an artistic reference in the region and a place of permanent cultural exchange to help collectors and artists around the world to promote Art and culture sharing.

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 “Raouf MEFTAH”: It is a very rich experience which values ​​the creation and the admiration of the artistic world, this year for reasons of sanitary restrictions we reduced the program of the event, but the result was beyond the expected objective, my artistic partners like (ROYAL ART VISIONS MAGAZINE, ROYAL MONACO, RED IVORY, AND QCEGFASHION INTERNATIONAL MAG) have supported the project and helped to convey the image of the event, I strongly welcome their implications and their support. As communication coordinator between the partners and artistic director of the ROYAL ARTS VISIONS magazine founded by Dr. Monica Mergiu, I will be the artistic sponsor of the INTERNATIONAL ART EXPO project in its next edition, the program will be richer and more complete, the goal is to spread this event further internationally between the West and the Middle East, an exchange that allows the meeting between NOM artists, ROYALS artists, talented artists and collectors.

Dr. Monica Mergiu created ROYAL ARTS VISIONS to exhibit in lights all the creations and artistic visions at the same event (painting, fashion, music, sculpture, literature…), my mission as artistic director is to find places in France and elsewhere who share the same vision and the same objective, we are a leader in this work and we want to share our know-how and our networks through our artistic projects in these mythical places, our experience with ANNE CLACE is very positive, we are delighted to work together and organize the continuation of INTERNATIONAL ART EXPO for the next editions. An appointment will be given to all private collectors and International Artists with a unique program in a LUX setting with the sole aim of promoting culture, creation and fully living all the visions of our art creators.

 Raouf Meftah


The Art Gallery Chercheur d’Artistes organized the Award of the Press (from 14 May till 27 May 2021) and the Award of the Jury (from 28 May till next 9 June).

The gallery was born in 2018, it is located at 73 rue Aristide Briand 72500 château du loir. It is a central town ideally located between Le MANS and TOURS, an ideal hub to promote artists.

The gallery gives the opportunity to established or emerging artists to exhibit their works alongside that of other artists, regardless of expression, emotion and material. Always in search of quality technical and / or artistic originality.

                                          Photos du Prix du Jury -International Art Expo    Photos offertes par Thierry CHAPEAU  à la Galerie Chercheur D’Artistes

IMG 9188 595x397 - INTERNATIONAL ART EXPO , "The Art of drawing LOVE",  Raouf Meftah

The members of the Jury with the Awarded artists

Jury Award
Luc Brun-Perasso Painting Award

Anne Petit Sculpture Award

Thierry CHAPEAU Encouragement Award

Press Award

Claire LALOUX research on the truth (Belgium) Painting Award

Rhenald Lecomte Ar prines Bihan (The Little Prince) France Sculpture Award

Penez David urban pose II Encouragement Award

IMG 9182 1 595x397 - INTERNATIONAL ART EXPO , "The Art of drawing LOVE",  Raouf Meftah

IMG 9126 1 595x397 - INTERNATIONAL ART EXPO , "The Art of drawing LOVE",  Raouf Meftah

IMG 9107 e1623076723951 595x893 - INTERNATIONAL ART EXPO , "The Art of drawing LOVE",  Raouf Meftah

IMG 9138 595x397 - INTERNATIONAL ART EXPO , "The Art of drawing LOVE",  Raouf Meftah

Raouf Meftah and  Anne CLACE -Chercheur d’artistes


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