Since the year 2000,  the Tapisserie Royale has been applying its unique artisan skills, breathing new life into Aubusson’s historic tapestry, fine carpet and restoration industry.

Each of the Aubusson tapestries and carpets from the Tapisserie Royale are made entirely by hand, with techniques dating back to the reign of Louis XV. They are based on original artworks, and the colours are set thanks to the unique properties of the Creuse River water.

Le Pont de Pejman

“Tapestry as an art form has never truly fallen out of fashion. Quite the contrary; it is being rediscovered by architects, interior designers and connoisseurs looking to bring a unique, warm and deeply personal touch to their homes", says Marie-Christine Bouillon, the owner of this prestigeous company.

Marie-Christine Bouillon

“I sell hand-made high-end tapestries and hand-made carpets in Aubusson, the world capital of tapestry recognized by UNESCO's prestigious heritage. Far from being outdated, the tapestry is, on the contrary, an original art always in phase with our time and which brings a personal, warm and unexpected touch to your decoration!

I also make models of old, modern and contemporary works, large and prestigious signatures, and specialized in the reproduction of coat of armsf, portrait, logo, drawing, painting and personal photo".

“When being young, I wanted to go to Boullé school to be an interior decorator, but I studied business management and accounting in the faculty of economics to be an accountant.

I am not an accountant but I have been in SME accountant and have discovered tapestries in 2000 and created my first tapestry company and carpet for direct sale to individuals.

For 18 years now, I have been selling tapestries and Aubusson carpets in partnership with  Manufacture. I created carpet models according to the requirements of my clients, and have my creations made to measure. I can reproduce everything (for the modern painters who died 70 years ago whose works have fallen in the public domain), with contemporary artists .... Tapestries hand-tatted Aubusson are works of art since woven in just 8 copies".

La Dame â la Licorne

The result of a tradition that has more than a thousand years old, Tapisserie Royale revives today the know-how of Aubusson's weavers, whose history goes back to the ninth century.
However, it was not until the 14th century, but especially in the 17th century that, following the example of Felletin, a small town in the upper Creuse Valley, which hosted the first workshops in the region, its neighbor Aubusson became the capital, the world of tapestry, elevated to the rank of royal manufactory under the influence of Colbert.
Even today, Aubusson tapestries by Tapisserie Royale are still woven by hand from original works of artists, and their colors fixed for eternity thanks to the very special properties of the water of the Creuse.

Tapisserie Royale combines tradition and innovation, offering not only old or contemporary works in "hand-woven", but also "jacquard", digital or tapestries to make yourself, and carpets.
Authenticated by a certificate of origin, tapestries and rugs are a valuable investment to the test of time as a modern and original decorative element that brings prestige and authenticity to all interiors.

Prime Minister of Louis XIV, Colbert in 1664 raised Aubusson to the rank of royal manufactory.

La Lune

Aubusson fine carpets:

Made by specialised artists, Tapisserie Royale carpets are works of art just like its tapestries.

The Tapisserie Royale has a fully equipped restoration department, available to anybody who owns an antique tapestry and who’d like to restore it to its former glory.

All of the tapestries entrusted to them are fully restored to their original condition, using old dyed wool preserved in its Aubusson warehouses. Any missing patterns are fully redrawn by its Master Cardmakers, and all holes and traces of wear are carefully hand-woven to produce a tapestry with no visible flaws.

All the tapestries and carpets are made with an exquisite taste, in an artisanal way, which makes them one of the most valued.
Tapisserie Royale is a prestigious international brand with clients around the world. 


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