I caught up with London based award-winning interior design studio Tailored Living Interiors to find out what have they been up to. The studio specialises in high end residential interiors. The team offers bespoke design services tailored to their client’s needs, putting a strong emphasis on detailing, luxury, comfort, calm, practicality and sophistication. Client’s needs take centre stage in the design process and the biggest luxury lays in the ability to design spaces that are tailored to their specific requirements and life style. The studio services range from a single room to a full “turn-key” interior service, comprising interior architecture through to furniture design and styling.

I met with Gloria Sanchez, Director at Tailored Living Interiors and and Davide Mancinelli Creative Director and asked them to show me some of the studio’s favorite projects.

Making an entrance always counts! Gloria loves the Surrey entrance with their statement staircase. “The stairs adds drama and interest to the space becoming an instant focal point, complemented by the bespoke banquette, we design to follow the stairs shape, harmonising with the interior architecture”. This entrance really set the mood for the rest of the space. In conversations with the team. I have also learnt that this project has been selected for the hard-back annual publication “The World’s Most Glamorous Homes”. Keep an eye for this years Volume 10. Congratulations team!

Davide loves their Dulwich Village entrance, it is all about color contrast, reflections and intriguing textures layered to create a stunning effect. He loves the sumptuous jewel color of the armchairs, providing an elegant contrast and adding a touch of decadence against the rich textured wallpaper. This was a very challenging project as the client loves color and wanted the final result to be elegant and sophisticated whilst simultaneously using vibrant colors. We were delighted that the final result was not only loved and admired by our clients, but also helped to substantially increase the value of the property. The client undertook a property valuation before and after the renovation and she was beyond excited with the final figure.

When it comes to living rooms, Davide loves the very elegant Reception Room in their Barnes project. It is part of a large family home. “We had already designed and assigned areas in the house for an informal family area and a cinema room. Therefore, there was scope to showcase this area as a majestic room”. Blue is one of Davide’s favorite color’s and in this interior, it helped the team inject a timeless and classic yet contemporary feel to this reception room. “It took us longer than usual to find the perfect shade of midnight blue velvet but it was worth while as the final room conveys elegance and sophistication.”

Gloria loves the refine sophistication brought by the use of color palette and fabrics in this Farnham drawing room. “ The highest quality textiles are used to upholster quality pieces of furniture. Each textural component further adds to the luxurious and exclusive end result.” A truly luxurious property will house state-of-the-art technology. In this room the mirror acts as a concealer for the TV, in other areas of the house we discussed custom lighting, to home spa installations, his and hers bathroom areas and cinema rooms. Each item contributing towards creating a truly personal space for the client.

Home cinemas and gyms feature high up in the list of fun rooms the team really enjoy putting together.

The team really enjoy designing bedrooms and they have created a very large selection of bespoke luxurious couture headboards. I noticed they have a strong preference for upholstered headboards. In their own words, “they are a great way to transform a bedroom and add a touch of softness and luxury, but also act as a focal point for the room”.

Gloria loves the stunning headboard featuring wall lights, “the composition is not just beautiful to look at but it is also very practical, the lamps free up space on the bedside tables”.

A wall to wall and floor to ceiling always make a luxurious statement. However, the team says “care has to be taken when deciding to incorporate one as not every space can take it. We find L-shaped room’s or room’s with separate architectural areas are perfect for them as it helps define the bedroom area. It could be very overpowering in a small room or too distracting in a very large one. Proportion is a key element to take into consideration”.

Tailored Living Interiors is a studio to watch out for as they have become a well renown name within the interior industry. Recommendations from clients have been instrumental in driving their growth over the last seven years. Their list of happy clients is equally as impressive as the testimonial section of their website. Gloria is extremely proud to declare that all her clients to date are satisfied clients, with some even having become great friends. Many recommendations have come out of these jobs, and indeed the same clients have employed Tailored Living on other projects, which is testament to their level of satisfaction with their work. The team is working on some lovely projects that they will be able to share soon with all us.


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