Esther Rubiella was born in Barcelona in 1966. Self-taught in her training, she begins to express her artistic feelings and her love for painting when a serious illness leaves her bedridden for many months.
Lover of art and a great reader, she captured images and icons on canvas that allowed her to alleviate her personal suffering and develop herself as an artist.

ESTHER PINTANDO  595x446 - Esther Rubiella, the colors of the silk

Later, she took classes with artists to acquire the technique that has led her to be the great painter she is today.

Between her clients include the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation (exclusive design of the jewelry collection), the MNAC (National Museum of Art of Catalonia), the Joan Miró Foundation, the Construction Board of the Temple of the Sagrada Familia, the Monastery of Montserrat, the Barcelona History Museum, Barcelona City Council, Hotel Arts, Boutique Opera Viena Arcadia and Museum of Music (provided by ICEX study), among others. She has also presented interesting projects in collaboration with the Vatican, the Egyptian Museum, and with the Schömbrunn Palace in Vienna about Empress Sisi.

ESTHER RUBIELLA EN SU CASA PINTANDO 595x446 - Esther Rubiella, the colors of the silk


  • The board of directors of the Costanza Foundation has valued the merits acquired and awarded Doña Esther Rubiella with the prestigious “International Awards Talent and Professionals” award.
  • Contemporary Art Museum Brazil 2010
    Its value is incalculable, according to several art experts

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The work of Art of “The Artist” is fundamentally based on drawings, paintings of different types and artistic techniques, among them she begins to apply the Freehand Technique on silk with Gouta of Gold, Silver and Bronze, beginning then to complement her work painting on silk of high-quality Chinese origin: scarves, fans, etc …

Over time and mainly in recent months, it was decided with the management team to expand, not the technique created (since it is only applied to silks), but rather the sensitivity and creation of “The Artist ̈ and take it to the Prints and Screenprints, with which we expand the market and facilitate access to these wonderful works to another type of public, since we have not mentioned that this technique of Freehand Painting with Gouta of Gold, Silver and Bronze is focused on the luxury market, for the valuation of said works by accredited experts such as:

Joan Abello Joanpere, European Doctor in Humanities (UPF), Diploma in Advanced Studies in Catalan Philology, Diploma in Cultural Management and Raising Foundation and art critic, he has collaborated with various higher schools of art and design. and also with universities in Italy, the United States and Spain.

Director of the Artistic Circle of Barcelona and Director of the Instituto Cataluña Africa.

IMG 7772 2 - Esther Rubiella, the colors of the silk

Esther Rubiella is a special, different artist, who transfers her emotions to the silks she paints. In her, eddies of feelings converge, colors that magically transform into works of art. How does it feel to do something so delicate and extraordinary?

It’s something I can’t really playmate in words only in painting, but I could tell you that it is most similar to being able to get to heaven.

IMG 5118 595x595 - Esther Rubiella, the colors of the silk

I would like you to explain how your beginnings were and why you dedicated yourself to expressing your emotions on silks and canvas.

My principles were the most similar to ever, since art is part of me, since I have used I reasoned. But in reality, it started to dedicate me after a serious accident that made me be longer in bed than desired by nobody, there I began to really create and waited to put up to be able to playmate things my work executes dynamics and University studies by art definitively changes. Reading my Art company from the bed.

IMG 7452 595x595 - Esther Rubiella, the colors of the silk

What does really inspire you?

My inspiration point is my own calm and so I can see things from inside, from a bird, trees, mountains, animals, the sea, a sunset like the ancient cultures and their art. Also sitting in a cafeteria and watching people go by and see everything.

IMG 1696 595x595 - Esther Rubiella, the colors of the silk

You have different types of motifs on your silks and canvases.
What is behind each work?

Yes I have different types of motifs.
Behind each of my works, there is a mirror of myself and the different animal, spiritual and corporal states. In them I transmit all through beauty, light and color.

IMG 1699 595x595 - Esther Rubiella, the colors of the silk

In your professional career, you have many Awards. Which one are you most proud of?

To be honest, I would not know how to tell you which I’m most proud of, each one of them has been special and I have received them in very expected moments, I have been given or granted and I have thanked them much.

FullSizeRender 75 - Esther Rubiella, the colors of the silk

At what current moment in your life are you regarding the development of your work and what plans do you have for the future?

In these moments of recess and COVID, there have been moments of introspection and sharing many things at the same time, although hard at all levels, and with a lot of uncertainty about the future, but at once, a moment of internal struggle, and all aspects and that makes my work can be developed with a lot of feeling and the desire that these can serve to create beauty and light to those who contemplate them and get them with them.
In the future, I would like to continue developing and creating works of art at all levels.

IMG 3220 595x595 - Esther Rubiella, the colors of the silk

How do you see the contemporary art world today?

The world of contemporary art currently under my point of view or media prism is that it should be more observed by all kind of people, and these people can see until the point of sensitivity they fill with them, which I believe is not and that really experts in art that there are many and very good, could see as much art as there’s is and not be reduced to a few.

IMG 20200624 194606 451 595x595 - Esther Rubiella, the colors of the silk

Something you would have wanted to do as an artist and have not yet done?

Regarding this question, I don’t know how to express it to you, there are many things that I would like to do as an artist from painting and customizing bags and sewing dresses, to taking a home line with all the possible accessories. But I always keep painting on canvas and portray power in them something of me.

IMG 20200622 WA0177 595x397 - Esther Rubiella, the colors of the silk

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