The story of Sin Studio Gallery is one of those stories of sharing good ideas by joining technology with the art of Vitrum Vivum. This exclusive collaboration is based on glass casting technology that is unique in the world. Its vision is to create original pieces with a distinctive style where each product is strictly limited in number and color.

The artists in its collections are international and come mostly from the field of fine art, seeking to transform their existing work or create entirely new works of art, endowed with a unique magic.

Guests to the inauguration of the Exhibition of Jiri SIN and Rony Plesl and some other artists

The Translucent Collection from the collaboration of Jiri SIN and Rony Plesl

The Translucent Collection was designed by sculptor and designer Rony Plesl who ranks among top internationalluy renowed artists in the field of glass sculpture. His unique oeuvre emerges from his deep knowledge of quality glassmaking and the technologies he employs in his original designs and primarily in his artistic work. In collaboration with glass professionals, he shifts the perspectives of the possible in the medium of glass both for contemporary art and for his own body work.


Different pieces of The Translucent Collection 

Jiri Sin and Rony Plesl

Jiri Sin

Jiri Sin,  born in 1981, has been making glass all his life. He graduated from the Czech Glass School in Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic. Already during his studies, he encountered the limits of glass sculpture production technologies available at the time. He would not accept the fact that production limitations prevent artists from free creative expression. During his studies at the Glass School in Novy Bor, Czech Republic, he built his own furnace to explore and push the limits of the glass production process. He went to Germany and the Netherlands to study stained glass techniques, glass blowing and glass casting. He started working as a process engineer at Preciosa but left soon to pursue his dream. He set up a workshop in the Czech borderlands where he built large furnaces and spent twelve years recreating and enhancing the usual methods until he developed a groundbreaking glassmaking technology which allows artists to bring all of their creative ideas to life.

Rony Plesl

Rony Plesl (*1965, lives and works in Prague) is a leading Czech artist, sculptor, designer, and professor. Plesl’s work is unique both in the field of fine arts and in the field of design. Rather than challenging current trends, he has followed impulses from various disciplines throughout his life. Plesl explores the possibilities of glass sculpture, deliberately approaching it as a distinctive medium. He respects the work of his predecessors – Professor Libenský and others,who founded this relatively young discipline in the Czech Republic – while also respecting the history of the craft.


About Vitrum Vivum

Perfected by glass master Jiří Šín over the course of twelve years, this unique technology is based ona groundbreaking method of cast glass production. It employs the revolutionary process of pouring hot glass into a closed mold enabling the creation of a faithful cast of any object.This is an essential shift in the field of cast glass sculpture, previously perfected and promoted by Professor Stanislav Libenský. The new technology invented by Jiří Šín takes the craft of glass making to the next level, making it possible to create three-dimensional glass sculptures with a realistic structure without any limitations in size and shape for the first time in history.


Preparing the glass installation Trees growing from the sky in the church of Santa Maria della Visitazione in Venice.

The union of glass techniques, the use of sacred geometry and the passion of a great artist have resulted in these magnificent works that will undoubtedly touch the hearts of lovers of a job well done.