San Remo is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy that is known all over the world for its famous Song Festival. It is located in the province of Imperia, in the Liguria region and offers the fascination of the Mediterranean coast, with a temperate climate, due to its geographical location, located in a cove protected by the mountains. 

I had the pleasure to visit it several times and today under a rainy day, the city appeared under a magical aspect very different from sunny days. 

san remo

san remo

This city is a tourist destination par excellence that offers charming corners such as its medieval old town, known as “La Pigna”; the flower market, the Casino and the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Municipal Casino is one of the four Italian gambling houses. The liberty-style building was designed by the French architect Eugène Ferret.

The Casino was inaugurated on January 12, 1905, in the time of Mayor Augusto Mombello, under the name of Kurzaal.

The Casino and the Corso Hotel

san remo

The Lolli Palace Hotel

        The splendid Hotel de Paris

If you want to shop, you can go directly to the Via Giacomo Matteotti that is the most prestigious shopping street and you can walk quietly because it is blocked from car traffic. It is very close to the Casino and the famous Ariston Theater. Furthermore, to the numerous shops and restaurants in the neighborhood, you can also visit an open air market (the famous flowers, clothes,  leather, etc ) in Piazza Eroi Sanremesi and a food market and a fish market in the same place.

Giardini Vittorio Veneto

You can enjoy large beaches and visit the two marinas, the ‘old port’, which is really charming and has a wide variety of restaurants with good food options, and the very upscale new marina.

San Remo offers a lot of religious monuments in the town, but my preferred  is the Russian Orthodox church that is located near the San Remo Tourist Office

This beautiful  church was built for the Russians who flocked here as followers of the Russian Tsarina who established herself here during San Remo‘s heyday. You can see in the interior precious Russian icons that are the most interesting feature of the church.

If you love the charm of the old cities, you can’t lose the possibility to visit San Remo and live some days here, enjoying the landscape, beaches, markets, gastronomy and the friendly people that are always ready to help you.