“A blank canvas is like a door to another dimension waiting for the artist to draw the destination”.

“Feelings, Emotions, gestures, passion and love, is all around us, let feel free to express it, showing it to the world is easy, be good and help others everyday”.

All these words define the sensibility of this artist and poet that lives in London recovering the colours of the soul.

Robert Sequeira painter and poet

Working primarely with oils, employing bold colours, Abstract expressionist, Colour Field Painting, working on variety of media, mostly oil on canvas. 


2014 Permanent Exhibition, Coastal Gallery, Lymington.

2013 Public catalogue Foundation, United Kingdom 

2013  BBC YOURPAINTINGS, BBC website (British broadcasting Corporation)

2013 Site-specific installation, Royal Free Hospital Hampstead/London UK


Privately own,mainly in London, United Kingdom 


What are the sources that inspired your work?        

Mainly inspired by life situations and movement, people feelings, emotions and my own experiences. While I use a variety of materials and processes in each project, my methodology is consistent, abstract is my main point, I want people to see my art and to relate it to their own  life experiences, I am inviting the viewer to dream.

How do you have evolved as an artist? 

Started trying acrylic colors on canvas, drawing was my passion, then I discovered my love for abstract paintings, and started expressing my feelings through it, in a more colorful way.

Do you think that people really understand this kind of abstract work? 

In general people like art in different forms, abstract paintings  help you expressed yourself in a way that is not easy to interpret, as soon as the artist explain what he sees on it, all appears out of colours and strokes, the image was there always but hidden.

There are many detractores of this style. What you think of them? 

Everyone should be able to express their views, and everybody should have the opportunity to follow their dreams.

The art world moves a lot of money. But what makes that an abstract artist has success and the others do not? 

I believe that every artist find success within themselves, as soon as they finish they art work,  success by creating, success by inspiring others, by creating a piece of art that will stay even after the artist is gone.

How do you see the future of art?

Very bright and colourful. 

Exposing works makes best the artists? 

Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t is just depends on what the artist is looking for.

 Something special that you want to share with us?

Create your own life, the way you want it, enjoy the little things in life, help others as much as you can, your life is your masterpiece. 


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