Robert Douglas Martin is a Canadian artist who currently lives in Bali. He was born and raised in Canada; and he has always felt deeply connected to nature. The Iroquois native blood that runs through his veins gives him a special bond with nature and his ancestors. In the wilderness, he feels safest than at home. At a young age, Rob always loved to explore the wild wilderness. He has lived in several different parts of the world from Vancouver Island to the quiet and peaceful jungle of northern Bali. He also has a passion for travel and exploring the world. He has travelled through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Cuba, just to name a few countries.
His journeys and experiences have inspired him to create his works. He started painting in 2011 and never stopped. A year later, he realized what his true calling was to become a contemporary artist. He considers himself as a medium for the universe to express life’s energy through his paintings. He believes that every living being gives out energy and vibrations through their thoughts and emotions something that he captures in his work.

Transporting this energy into his artworks Rob is known for his fascinating use of paints. Black as the universe. Colours are the soul and spirit of all his paintings. The immediate transfer of a white canvas into a black canvas creates endless possibilities to unfold the energy he revels through himself to a canvas.
Thinking of a special techniques it is important to say that Robert builds his own tools. So, every painting is a unique individual work of art.

Educated by life, trained by nature, and experienced by travel, the artist’s philosophy is marked by self expression and good energy flow. Being one with the environment, Robert describes the way he paints as an inner freedom which can be seen as a movement of pure vibrations in the circle of the universe. Creating a room of silence is Robert’s personal way not to be exposed to hectic world of today and creating a stronger connection to the endless space above.

You have Iroquois native blood. How this has influenced you and your art?
Yes, I have Iroquois native blood in a small percentage though. But the Iroquois, has given me a very strong connection to the nature spirits in the wilderness and always they have done since I was a child, and I’ve felt deeply connected and protected in the wilderness my entire life.
Yes, my work definitely has a spiritual connection because of the blood line I have. I’m very fortunate to have it in my life, because of it’s kept me alive a few times now. Being lost in the woods the spirits have guided me out safely more than once. One example was when I once had hypothermia in the in the deep woods of northern Ontario, Canada and fell numerous times losing consciousness and after about the seventh time, I saw four wolves which is my native spirit guide and also a friend, that died in the area in a snowmobile accident a year before. They where trying wake me by pushing me to get up. I finally woke and there were no wolves obviously, and no friend and I continued and I got out of the woods because of the spirits guiding me again and so, yes I’d say it’s  definitely that I had an impact on my work and life! My work is a direct spiritual energy radiating through me that I now connect to through meditation.
My work would not be what it is with out it!!
The nature that has been present in your childhood has it  reflected the way you paint. What do you receive from these roots?
Yes, I believe it does reflect in the way I paint definitely the energy that comes from everything in nature. My time that I’ve spent alone in the wilderness has given me a very strong and deep connection to the energy anywhere in the world that I have been. I encounter not only the Iroquois spirits and other native people’s of Canada I also feel the native Balinese spirits and their presence here in Bali at home in the jungle very strongly so of course it’s all connected to my work.
The jungle, the forests wherever that I be in any wilderness, I feel connected spiritually to all native people’s spirits and there energy of my work reflects their presence that once was and still present today from the people that carry-on their ancient traditions culture and the way of life that’s still connected to the Earth and Universe. These energies, vibrations and spirits I feel very strongly, because of the native blood that runs through my veins that it connects me in some way in a very spiritual way to the natural world and for that I am truly blessed because of it!
I know that you love to travel. Do you think that this is important to explore other ways of art? You have visited a lot of countries and I suppose that each one can offer you its own essence. 
Yes, I think traveling is essential and yes, it definitely affects my work for the better. For any artist, I think that you need to put yourself out there to experience all people, and there culture to grow as a human being and as an artist .
To have a more complete understanding of people spiritual and physical energies and the way they live to get a better feeling for who you are and who they are to understand our world. A bit more, it definitely make you a better artist and person.
I think that traveling as local as you can, and putting your beliefs and ways aside, teach you patience and compassion and give you a better understanding of everything in our world; without that understanding in life, I personally would feel abit empty and lost.
I will never stop traveling it is who I am, it’s how we grow and learn about who we really are and why we are all here. our connection to everything and each other is essential in life! «life is art and art is life»!
Art keep us connected to who we are and what we once were.
It is our future and our history!!!
Do you consider yourself a self-taught artist?
Yes I definitely do I’ve always been a creative since I could remember. as a child  there was nothing more important to me than art and spending time alone surrounded by nature and it’s energy. Nothing made me more happy than to be alone and to create. I’ve always had a strong sense for visual arts. Creating has always been a part of me its been my outlet my salvation my freedom and still is today and always will be. Creating visual art is a way to lose yourself and then find yourself without saying a word.
Today my work takes a toll on me emotionally at times because of a deeper connection to my work, the energy around me, my life experiences and the way I have lived, free spirit not afraid of much, with a thirst for knowledge of the natural world, its people and culture.  My work today is everything that I am, everything that I have been and everything that I have experienced in my life with the energy and vibrations that flows through me to create what you see as my work today!
You paint with an inner freedom which can be seen as a movement of pure vibrations in the circle of the universe. What can you tell me about these vibrations?
Well, I believe that everything sends out vibrations every person, everything on the planet, and throughout the universe that are all connected so when I paint i am painting these vibrations that i connect to through meditation. The vibrations energy and spirits I feel and connect to that flow through me. When I’m working usually makes me lose myself at times and I am unaware of what I am doing momentarily. l will work on the Painting over and over for some time throughout the night, for many nights weeks or even months, then once i feel that the energy of the Painting is right, a name will come to me almost as a wisper. Then I will know that the Painting is complete.
«Black as the Universe!» What does this mean?
Black is endless like the universe it self so I paint every canvas black and then I meditate over the blacked out canvas to get a stronger connection to the vibrations, energy and spirits around me and throughout the universe before I start to paint. Painting the canvas black opens them up like a door to endless possibilities and connections throughout the entire universe.
Colors are the soul and spirit of your paintings. It is true? 
Yes, it is very true that the colors represent the energy and the vibrations of all life that it is now and once was threw out all existence.
How can you describe your art and philosophy of life?
My work is a reflection of everything and everyone. We are all connected to every Painting I create. I paint to show everyone that we are unable to see and feel on a day to day basis because we are all to busy with our lives we are becoming disconnected to what we really are. I believe that we are all spiritual human beings that need to be connected to these vibrations and spiritual energies of the Earth, and Universe, because of we are all connected to this in some way and each other and with that understanding, we would see more clearly on why we are here and what we should be doing. We would have a better understanding of life, we never will be affraid, would never have fear of death and we never will feel alone again.
What do you think about the artists of our days and how do you see the future?
The artists of today are incredible! We see so many works of art now because of the internet, and it’s amazing what’s happening all over the world, so many talented artist with so many ideas and visions spreading the word of knowledge and exposing so many people to truths and expanding their minds.
Art is reaching more people than ever before. I think it’s a incredible time for the art world to make a very big change on our planet today, and influence so many people helping them to understand and feel so many different things in life. Art is changing the world as we know it for the better as it always has done, but today it’s at it’s most powerful because we are now able to reach people that would not normally be Interested in the art.
I believe the future is bright because so many people are being reached.
Art is essential for understanding humanity and for bringing us all together!!!

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