Davide Maule as a child reveals artistic skills and a strong propensity for modeling and sculpture. It is through the friendship of his maternal grandfather with a local sculptor that Davide discovers and is fascinated by that world made of inert matter that comes to life through the skilled hands of man.

Coming from a family neither of jewelers nor of artists, the artistic training path is completely abandoned, until after having undertaken scientific studies Davide realizes that that passion for art and sculpture is never vanished in him, indeed it is more and more a powerful. At the age of 17 he decides to leave the scientific high school in Novara to go to Valenza Po where he begins to attend the Benvenuto Cellini Art Institute. 

It is the beginning of everything. 

After the goldsmith school and a specialization in gemology, he works for over 15 years side by side with the best goldsmiths in Valenza where he forms his artistic personality. 

He hones his manual skills and develops a strong creativity working for many years as a goldsmith and model maker for renowned international jewelry brands, acquiring a great wealth of experience that will lead him to leave his employee job and start his personal artistic path

In 2008, after 18 long years spent in Valenza, he returned to his hometown of Novara and together with his wife Katia founded DK DAVIDE MAULE. He opens his first goldsmith workshop, a place where he begins to experiment with new techniques and creates his first collections of jewels with an organic and material style with a strong inspiration from nature.

His artistic jewels are immediately recognized by critics and attract the attention of journalists and bloggers in the sector. He participates in various events related to the world of art and luxury that make him known to an increasingly large international clientele.

In 2015 he was invited by a member of the royal family of Qatar to exhibit at the prestigious Doha jewelry and watches exhibition and in the same year he began collaborating with important jewelers in Switzerland.

Since 2016 Switzerland has become his new production site where he creates and proposes his works of art.

«True luxury is owning something unique created exclusively for you». This phrase opens your website. What do you want to say with it?

I think true luxury is not having serial jewelry but something special and unique custom made and created with passion by an Artist. Only human hands are able to give a work of art that final touch, that warmth and why not that imperfection that make it unique and unrepeatable. Unfortunately nowadays jewels are created by computer and by 3D printing and this is not art and true luxury , it’s simply massive production.

 When you design what do you really feel?

I can’t exactly call myself a designer, most of my projects are in my mind and I start directly the creation on gold or wax.  When I sit on my goldsmith’s bench I enter another dimension, so my approach to the jewelry creation is not classic or conventional but I feel a Jewel as a work of art , a sculpture to wear. When I create a jewel I feel completely free to express my personality and my creativity with no limits, I work only thinking at an ideal type of woman who will wear that jewel.

I know that you liked to do sculputures….

I’m not coming from a family of jewelers or artists, I have never been directed to an art school. I attended a science school with poor results for four years, but it was not what I wanted to do. It’s important to say that since I was a child I have always loved modeling and creating small objects with my hands. I spent hours and hours playing with clay and soft colored wax  trying to reproduce miniatures of animals, human figures, toy soldiers and much more … one day when I was child , my grandfather took me to visit the sculpture studio of his friend  and I was completely fascinated and enchanted by that world made of inert matter that comes to life through the skilled hands of man. . Probably at that moment I realized that give life to a materia would somehow become part of my life. So, after 4 years in the science school, I realized that the passion for art, for modeling and sculpture has never vanished in me, indeed it was increasingly a powerful attraction. At the age of 17, in 1990 therefore, I decided to put my whole life back on the line, I left the scientific high school to go to Valenza Po (the most important city in Italy for the long goldsmith tradition) and attend the Benvenuto Cellini Goldsmith Art Institute and from there my life totally changed.

You have studied in the Benvenuto Cellini Art Institute. What this Institute signified in your life?

The Benvenuto Cellini Art Institute it is the beginning of everything.

At the time it was a world-class school for teaching jewelry and was attended by students from all over the world. I had excellent teachers who made me passionate about the world of jewelry and taught me a lot from an artistic point of view. Attending it was both a human and a scholastic growth for me.

After the diploma of Master Goldsmith and a specialization in gemology I worked for over 15 years alongside the best goldsmiths in Valenza and thanks to this long experience I created my artistic personality.

You have a strong personality that I think we can see reflected in your jewels. It is necessary this stronghness to design exclusive jewels?

I am not looking for the general public but a clientele that is attentive and sensitive to the magic that only art jewels can transmit.

I’ve always been very unconventional from an early age. I have never enjoyed following trends or being approved by others. I’ve always loved doing what I liked. My nonconformist nature is reflected in my jewelry. Conventional jewelry made of clichés,  designed with 3D printers is not for me.

I love to dare, amaze and create small sculptures to wear where gold, diamonds and precious stones come together in ways that seem shaped by the force of the elements.

You have attracted important clients, but also journalists and bloggers. What is your value that have made that them want to discover you and your jewels?

Whoever looks at my jewels is attracted by their personality and strong visual impact first and then by their high manufacture. I put high jewelry techniques and knowledge in my precious sculptures. Conoisseur understand immediately that they are not just made by an Artist but by a Master Jewelry Artist . I put inside  my creations all my almost 30 years of experience as jewelry maker.

The Royal Family of Qatar invited you to exhibit in the prestigious Doha jewelry. How was this experience and how the visitors reacted about your designs? Arabian people love your jewels?

For me it was a real honor to be invited in 2015 to participate in the Doha jewelery and watches Exhibition.

Thanks to some of my particular creations I was noticed by a member of the Royal Family who hosted me inside his stand and allowed me to show my jewels to the Arabian  public for the first time.

It was a unique experience. My unconventional creations have aroused interest and curiosity in them who were not used to seeing jewels with organic shapes. Initially they struggled to understand such an innovative design but after entering the magical world of art jewelery, they literally felt in love with it.

I was really proud.

You are located in Switzerland, but you have worldwide clients that maybe have different tastes about the jewelry they want. What do you suggest to them?

Art is a common language, my creations speak of it. The only suggestion I can give to potential customers around the world is to look for real handmade and handcrafted jewelry and not just those of the big brands. There are many talented independent Artists around the world who create something different and people can find in each of them what they are looking for.

How do you see the world of jewelry and your own future?

I know exactly how the jewelry industry will go … the big brands will produce more and more objects in series thanks to technology and mechanical machines that allow to speed up production at low costs. This does not require skilled labor and unfortunately the younger generation will no longer be able to create jewelry with their own hands.

Only the few who have real talent and good creativity can make a difference, otherwise they will be swallowed up by the system. I know these are strong words but this is the fact.

As for me I feel very lucky to belong to the old school of «real hand made» and after a hard work, today I go my way trying to create new and spectacular jewelry.

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