Régis Botino is a visual artist born in Guadeloupe who has been living in the Bordeaux region for the past twenty years and he is a self-taught artist. His expression in his artworks is a refined synthesis of classicism and surrealism. The canvas are the place to mixe materials of recovery, plaster, bitumen of Judea, acrylic paint. His representation of glorious bodies subjugated and clasified of past eras embraces in a suggested commitment of the themes and concerns of our modern world.

The second edition of the International Art EXPO -managed by Anne Clace «Chercheur des Artistes»– showed that artists have a great evolution and the event an interesting future to show them.

In this second edition, Régis Botino received his award for the visual paintings he made through his technique.

Jury Award

1- Régis BOTINO painting France


Exhibition «ESPACIO GALLERY» in London
1st prize for contemporary art at the Blanquefort exhibition
1st of the jury international art castle of Loir
Biennale of Venice

What has it meant for you to participate in the second edition of International Art EXPO and to be awarded the Prize for your category?

Participate in the second edition of the international art exhibition and to receive this award goes straight to my heart. It’s an additional recognition of the art world for the work that I propose. The universe in which I express myself is the result of a long artistic process and therefore this atypical pictorial work is recognized, it’s one more joy for me.

How has this Prize affected your work and your life?

Then what brings me this price. This one touches me personally because these paintings are an integral part of my personality. It encourages me to continue on this creative path and to improve myself because artists are constantly evolving.

Would you recommend participation in this event to other artists?

Regarding your third question I will answer yes, of course any artist who wants to obtain some recognition should participate in this kind of events. I felt a simplicity and honesty from the organizers, I was surprised because this artistic world is a reflection of our society, very individualistic and selfish.

How do you see your professional life developing over the next five years?

Finally, from a professional point of view and my future, I will gradually persist in continuing to exhibit both nationally and internationally. My goal is to continue to make myself and my style know abroad. New York is a personal goal for me, because I consider that the capital of art remains this Megalopolis.

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