The Rodin Museum Paris (Musée Rodin Paris) is, without a doubt, a must for all of us who love his sculptures and the wonderful environment where it is located. Open since 1919, it is located in a private hotel that Auguste Rodin occupied as a tenant. It was in 1908 when he discovered it through the poet Rainer Maria Rilke and decided to rent four rooms on the first floor.
In this hotel, he frequented his friend the writer Jean Cocteau, the painter Henri Matisse and also the dancer Isadora Duncan. But, from 1911, Rodin was the only occupant of the hotel.

The famous sculpture of The Thinker

The prestigious architect Jean Aubert built the magnificent Hotel Biron in the early 18th century and Rodin‘s permanent collections are displayed chronologically in its different rooms.

His formative years in Belgium can be seen on the first floor with works from The Bronze Age and his exclusive order on the work of Dante, the one known as The Gate of Hell and the Monument to the Burghers of Calais.

On the second floor, the works are presented thematically on the monuments, Rodin‘s collection of paintings, his first personal exhibition of the artist. Also, one of the rooms is completely dedicated to his environment and we can see the sculpture of Camille Claudel and in another room his work The Walker.

But, undoubtedly, the best known and most loved sculpture is The Kiss, which has served as inspiration for many artists.

Outside this magnificent building, the main monumental sculptures are located in their final state within an exquisite garden of three hectares, divided into four main spaces that include a rose garden to the north, a large parterre and undergrowth to the south, and also a terrace and a large bower at the back to rest. A space full of stillness that allows visitors to move to times past, where the rush did not exist and dreams stopped with the murmur of the wind through the leaves of the large green trees.
A world of moments full of life and a place not to be missed in Paris.


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