Red Ivory Luxury  interviews award winning writer Monica Mergiu about her latest event LE DIAMANT DE CAP FERRAT , her future  Arab heritage book  and her new inspiration – Her Royal Highness Princess Doaa Bint Mohammed.

Red Ivory interviews Monica Mergiu about the event Le Diamant de Cap Ferrat
Red Ivory:  Why LE DIAMANT DE CAP FERRAT and why French Riviera for your first cultural event ?

Monica Mergiu: I consider the cross cultural bounds between nations and customs  strong and precious as the diamond gem , valuable as the diamond and eternal as the diamond.

French Riviera is a melange of so many cultures and nationalities  similar with my books. I am writing about  the multicultural dialog ,  multiculturalism and  cultural encounters to define our planet as a place for all of us.

Red Ivory: How many interviews and how many important encounters did you have on your 25 years of literary journey ?

Monica Mergiu: My family is originary from North Greece , Vlachos , Pindu Mountains. My grandparents and parents are born in Alexander The Great  territory. I am born in Bucharest and since my childhood I am living with my entire family in Munich Germany. So, my own life  as a writer and as human is about encounters. My first profession as doctor dentist is about cultural encounters, during my student time I met so many students from different countries. I have a long list of encounters, experiences , all my literary subjects , especially Arab women , almost 500 interviews… Everything you can find it in my books…

Monica Mergiu and Raouf Meftah at Le Diamant de Cap Ferrat event.
Red Ivory: Did you  ever have a Mentor ?

Monica Mergiu: Yes and No. I was and I am inspired by many writers or other personalities. Let’s say  one of the greatest Orientalists  the  German writer  genius of Literature  Goethe . The British historian and Orientalist Lady Gertrude Bell  also… Inspirational yes , for me as a writer and lyricist…

If I am thinking about myself as a person I must recognize that I have a strange , beautiful , unusual destiny. And I am so much grateful for this destiny. I am blessed.

Red Ivory: Your most important , influential interview ?

Monica Mergiu: No doubts ! My interview with His Majesty King Salman Bin Abdulaziz AL Saud  in 2004 during his time as Governor of Riyadh. The greatest influence for all my career and literary path. His Majesty was so much helpful , thanks to Him I could visit the most important  Saudi heritage museums , libraries , folklore farms , participating at Al Adyriah festival , Al Janadryah festival,  King Abdulaziz National Library, the Forth of Riyadh. I consider my time in Saudi Arabia and my unexpected interview with His Majesty King Salman Bin Abdulaziz the greatest gift offered to me  by my destiny. I believe in cultural friendship thanks to the enormous love and friendship I have received in my life. Starting with my generous  parents and finally with all the people around me.

Red Ivory: You cooperate exclusively with the French Tunisian artist Raouf Meftah for your books design and now for the Launch of the new magazine Royal Arts Visions. Why?

Monica Mergiu: My work is driven by trust. I absolutely admire the arabic calligraphy of Raouf Meftah. His calligraphy can perfectly express my own writing style. Our artistic  communication is completed by a very honest friendship. He knows exactly what I like to describe in my books and he knows how to reflect my words in colours , lights , shadows , arabesque specific to arabic calligraphy.

Her Royal Highness Princess Doaa Bint Mohammed, Raouf Meftah and Monica Mergiu at The Cap Ferrat event.
Raouf is the organizer of our event LE DIAMANT DE CAP FERRAT and I consider our small , modest magazine  Ceremony  a very courageous and innovative step in deed. For the first time , unique moment of cross cultural  exhibition of heritage , oud music concert , Arabic, calligraphy paintings , Arabic books  – to be presented in Cap Ferrat French Riviera surrounded by guests , visitors ,  art lovers , curious people from Nice , Monaco , Mougins , Vallauris , Cannes , St. Tropez  etc. His Excellency the Mayor Jean Francois Dieterich and the diplomats of different countries like Tunisia and Serbia were extremely pleased to participate and give  long speeches. It is in deed a unique event, I repeat, even very modest and organized in very short time.  But what a famous location : SALON LES NEREIDES !

Red Ivory: The media attention was hugely attracted by the melange of so many different artists in the exhibition . Japan , Lybia  , France ,  Italy ,  Morroco , Serbia , Germany , Tunisia , Saudi Arabia. How is your feeling as Founder of Royal Arts Visions magazine and writer?

Monica Mergiu: The art director Raouf Meftah is the technical part of this cross cultural event. He did a great job with modesty and dedication. As a Founder and writer I was excited to bring people together and celebrate our cross cultural friendship.
Regarding my feelings I can say that I am totally overwhelmed , enchanted  and extremely grateful for a magnificent presence  :  Her Royal Highness Princess Doaa Bint Mohammed Ezzat from Saudi Arabia.
I can’t explain my emotions in few words. But I can say for sure that Her Royal Highness is a great, beautiful inspiration for me and for my next book in the very near future. Don’t ask me more because I am not going to say details just that Princess Doaa Bint Mohammed is one of the most challenging, impressive and glamorous subjects and source of inspiration for my literature.

Her Royal Highness Princess Doaa Bint Mohammed and Monica Mergiu at The Cap Ferrat event.
Red Ivory: What is next ?

Monica Mergiu: My new book will be released soon. Every single page it is a piece of GLORY dedicated to all my readers.

Pictures by Raoul Rand and Franck  Dombrowski

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