Neffati Artiste-Peintre is a self-taught painter born in Lyon that has not studied art and never has followed an artistic course.

«Drawing and painting have always been in me. It was over the years and hours spent drawing and painting that I learned, but also through books and tutorials.

Since February 2016, I have created «NEFFATI ARTISTE PEINTRE» and sell my creations»

Neffati has the colors of his own life and also in his laugh.

He adores life and life adores him and it shows in all his works that make you feel and that invite you to take a walk through his jungle full of colors.

“Previously as  an amateur, I took part in competitions, obtained Awards and held a few exhibitions”

Neffati, you have an explosion of colors in your artworks, but also a wild touch that appears frequently in the animals you paint. There is a wild part in your own life that you want to transfer through your artworks?

First of all I am an artist who loves colors a lot, I find that it gives a lot of life and hope. Yes I really like animals and especially savages, I find that they are a lot of characters, yes there is a wild part in me, I really like traveling, freedom and adventures.

Animals and scenes of the important cities.  What inspires you to have these different personalities to develop your creations?

In all the cities that I have painted there is a historical monument that tells the story of the city and humanity. and also I like to look for a theme, because an artist must touch everyone.

As the majority of the artists that I have interviewed, you are also a self-taught painter. 

But someone can be an influence for you. Which painter or epoch has influenced you?

Yes indeed I am self-taught and I was always influenced by the artist Leonardo da Vinci and are time, because I find that it was the real art within given the little material they are.

Despite you are a young painter, you already have several awards. What are the awards you have received and why do you think they have been given to you?

I had the 6th prize in an international competition with UNESCO France. the first prize national competition Tunisia. and first prize for the Abundance France competition. and participate in the Ras el kima Arab Emirate art festival knowing that I do not participate much in competitions

Portraits, abstract, landscapes, realism… Where are you more comfortable?

I am more satisfied with the abstract and realism.

Art must be the expression of the soul of the artist. What do you think about this?

Yes of course, I totally agree, and proof that always has a special attachment to our work.

The majority of your exhibitions have been in Arabian countries and in France. Do you have in mind the American dream?

Yes, that is my dream. I am someone who dreams of creating a story in the artistic world and for that, I show my art around the world.

What would you paint that never has been done before?

I like to paint the old port of Marseille (France) . I find this place very special and interesting.

You have an extraordinary future, but how would you like it to be?

First of all thank you very much. I hope so, and as I told you my dream of the future that I will be recognized worldwide .


 – 1999: collective exhibition with students of fine art Gabes (Tunisia)
 – 2000: painting workshop animator for children in Gabes culture house (Tunisia)
 – 2002: individual exhibition in Tunis (Tunisia) 
– 2005: 6th prize at the international competition UNESCO Paris (France)
 – 2009: individual exhibition in Lyon (France)
 – 2011: my first appearance on France 3 television (France) – 2016: 1st prize artistic competition in Abondance (France)
 – 2020: participation in the art festival in Ras el Kyma (United Arab Emirates)

Skills and Material:

 Theme practiced:

 -portraits, abstract, landscapes, realism

 – acrylic paint, oil paint, pastels

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