I have had the pleasure to discover this artist and see her exquisite artwork!

With the time, she confirmed me that her way to paint offers the maturity of great artists!

She puts her feelings in each artwork and the result is not only interesting, but amazing.

“Nadel”, Nadège MICHEL was born in 1969 in Bar le Duc (France). At the age of 18 she entered the conservatory of Grenoble where she studied art for three years. Too intimate to reveal herself in the theatrical world, she devoted herself to a career as a cultural facilitator. In 1995, she met the French painter François ARCHIGUILLE and she took over the management of his exhibition at the cultural center of Verbier in Switzerland. It’s artistic love at first sight.


She resumed classes at the fine arts of Grenoble and familiarized herself with the different techniques of expression and in 2014 she resumed painting in a diligent way and everything accelerated… A Parisian gallery (Jean-Pierre LORRIAUX) offered her a permanent exhibition and during the same year, she obtained the mention of excellence at the inauguration of the France/China contemporary art center in the presence of Françoise Hollande in the office of President of the Republic. In 2015, the painter Maude Vasapolli (Prix de Rome), invited him to exhibit in Belgium at the Château de Franc Waret sponsored by H.S.H. Princess Alexandre of Belgium and the painter José Chapellier.
During the period from 2015 to 2019, she exhibited in prestigious places in Switzerland, Belgium and Paris and illustrated Franz Kafka’s work «La Métamorphose». She has created photographic montages for the choreographer Odile Gheysens, for the Compagnie in-SENSO.

                                                                Thème Céleste

“My artistic work translates into an abstract expressionism, an emotional, immediate painting imbued with a certain mysticism… For me it is the feeling. My aspirations come from nature; wide open spaces and the entire universe… Fascinated by the beauty, harshness and fragile balance of the planet, I feed emotions through my experiences and exchanges with others. Material, colors and shapes are essential markers in my compositions.

In 2018, I was at the origin of the Nadalien art which consists in creating a painting or a photograph which is then worked on an image software and printed in Gallery Bond, aluminum, plexiglass, acrylic, subligraphy. To date I have not yet said everything, and it is with great pleasure that I invite you to share my journey…”

“Nadel” Nadège MICHEL is a Member of the Taylor Foundation in Paris.



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