Liné Ringtved Thordarson graduated from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in Reykjavik and is Bachelor of Fine Art, specialized in sculptures. Since 1997 she has had solo and group exhibitions on Danish and foreign museums, galleries, cultural centers and institutes, including France, Monaco, Germany, Iceland, Italy and Greece. She has made several outdoor bronze sculptures at home and abroad. Is also artistic coordinator at various art events and artist in residence with the support of the National Arts Council. Is the founder of the multi artistic performance group Culturesheart. She has lived and worked as an (performer) artist in France for 5 years. Now lives in Aarhus, Denmark, where she works at the studio, Spanien 19B. Kalkværksvej 7. Also she works and expose in South of France and in Monaco.

“My sculptures are lived life translated into form. This brings each sculpture to contain its own little story about life and man. Joy, grief, sexuality, anxiety, calm, redemption”. Presence….

Liné Ringtved Thordarson

Did you say that your sculptures are lived life translated into form. Can you explain to us what is the meaning of your words?

I think my sculptures are inspired by feelings and moods. I am an emotional person myself. I have very strong emotions that need to be processed and transformed…. In the creative process the emotions are transformed into forms. I do not necessarily see my sculptures as naked women but more like an expression emanating from a feeling. It can be all sorts of feelings, but of course there are some feelings that takes more space in one’s consciousness and body. That may be feelings like love, desire, anger, happiness, sorrow, fear etc. All the feelings we all go through in our life, repeatedly.

BALANCE – Bronzesculpture 30 CM L

Your sculptures offer passion and sensuality. Both are constant motivations on your work?

Passion is the keyword. I believe that with passion you can create success in every aspect of life. Sensuality helps keep us awake and curious.

An artist is born or done?

Both… I did not know I had the skills until I was first in the twenties, despite the fact that in my family there are many artists in many genres. My brother is an author. As a young woman, I have traveled around the world on my own. I needed to see everything in a different and larger perspective, to find out what I was looking for in life and how I would like to shape my life. When I came back home, I started by coincidence at an art school, mostly because I still didn´t know what I wanted with my life! At the school, I found out that I had some creative skills that I didn´t know of and when I created my first sculpture, there was no doubt that I had found my passion. Seemingly creativity had always lived in me, but it had to be excavated and watered in order to flourish. The next many years I studied at different art schools in Denmark and finally at the Academy of Fine Art in Iceland, where I specialized in sculpture. To become a great Artist you need to have a creative mind of course, but as a sculptor you also need to learn the technical skills and to know the different materials.

TAKE ME – Bronzesculpture 30 CM H

What things inspire you Liné? Maybe the classics?

My biggest source of inspiration is human life. I listen to people’s life stories. I see a person on the street radiating a strong feeling that touches something inside me. I try to sense my own feelings. The inner life is so full of stories that can be transformed into art.

NOSTALGIA – Close up

Some words to describe your different sculptures collections?

Desire, hope, self-care, presence, courage, care, serenity, fear, nostalgia, strength, expectation, joy and longing. In fact, these words are also titles of some of my bronze sculptures.

Gallery. Cap d’Ail

I know that you also do outdoor sculptures. Let us to know more about them.

At the moment, I create a 2.20 meter high bronze sculpture for my hometown, Aarhus. The sculpture expresses a certain woman who made a big difference for the future of young girls in Denmark. The sculpture is an order so in such a case, I try to understand the person’s personality and express it through her or his attitude, and small symbols. I have made several outdoor bronze sculptures over the years and the largest is 3.5 meter high. In addition, I have created a new worldwide concept “Art on Your spot”. The idea is I create a sculpture for the customer on his or her property. I become a house artist and the client can follow the whole creative process at home. I start by visiting the customer and together we figure out what kind of sculpture the client wants at the in- or outdoor setting. Then I work on the spot and it allows the customer to follow the entire artistic process. Together then, we place the sculpture on the best spot at the property with a beautiful lighting and, if necessary, on a pedestal.

COURAGE. Estée Lauders Villa, Cannes

Which clients, I mean, which countries, value more your sculptures?

I believe my sculptures are valued equally in all countries. My art is about feelings which all human beings can relate to – regardless of culture, religion and nationality. There are, of course, countries where a naked woman sculpture painted pink and with a sexually enticing bottom will not be appreciated – I’m here referring to the bronze sculpture «Take me». In Scandinavia we are more openminded about our sexuality – for us it’s a natural and beautiful part of life. However, I’m still convinced we all basically have the same feelings. Though some people tend to suppress their feelings and lust they still exist somewhere deep inside. At the end of the day we are all alike when it comes down to nature.

WOMEN – Bronzesculpture 15 CM H

You are a prestigious artist, but I think you have never made an exhibition in New York or other countries of USA. There is a special reason for this?

I would love to exhibit in New York. I recently decorated a beautiful villa with bronze sculptures and an article in Wall Street Journal is about to be made, as the villa received an architectural award last year. I hope that some of the bronze sculptures will be shown in the article and then will be discovered in N.Y. I have received some good offers over the last years, but the time has not been right for me, personally. During many years, I have exhibited in Denmark, Germany and France. Five years ago I felt the urge to make some change in my artistic career. I decided that I would grow old in southern France therefor I chose to focus on exhibiting and building a network on Cote d’Azur and especially Monaco. I love everything about France, not least the beautiful nature along the coast as well as the good climate. Over the last five years I have had countless exhibitions and events in the South of France, and I have built up a huge network and not least I have now a lot of lovely friends as well as a solid collaboration with an amazing gallery. It has been liberating to be able to focus on fewer projects and it has given me the possibility to focus more on creating my artworks. Today I travel back and forth between Denmark and the South of France, which I eventually found out is the perfect way of life for me. I get the best of both worlds and feel very privileged. However, I’m getting ready for new adventures and of course, New York is at the top of the list….

JOY – Bronzesculpture 28 CM H

You are an Art Consultant and you help people to decorate with art indoor and outdoor. I would like to know more about this part of you.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by many skilled painters in my circle of friends and it is a pleasure to find exactly the kind of paintings that fall into the clients taste and which will look great in the home of the client’s.

In addition, I think that paintings and sculptures complement each other in the most beautiful way.

CARE – Bronzesculpture 29 CM L

Some advice to the new young generation of artists?

Be passionate. Focus. Be patient. Never let a few rejections make you doubt yourself as an artist. Work hard. Often there will be financial uncertainty and sometimes uncertainty about your artistic ability but it’s your choice so accept it, move on and enjoy the journey – there’s an exciting life waiting with lots of creativity and freedom ….

Liné collaborates with several Galas/Donations in the south of France and we met at the last one in Monte-Carlo that was done by Club Vivanova for the Prince Albert II Foundation.

I am very happy that I have the opportunity to donate my sculptures to charity. Especially helping children in need warms my heart. For the past four years I have donated a smaller bronze sculpture to the Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation in collaboration with Club Vivanova, where I, at the same time, have the great opportunity to exhibit my bronze sculptures at the gala evening in Monte Carlo. For two years I have exhibited and donated to the Monaco Charity Film Festival, where the money goes to help children in the Philippines. I also donated a bronze sculpture to Princess Stephanie’s Aids Foundation, and to Hollywood Domino and Action Against Hunger (Action contre la Faim) to help children. At all events there is held a splendid party and auction. For these lavish events / galas, guests pay to attend and meet celebrities. A large part of the profit goes to charity. It is a gift to be invited (allowed to join) and of course also fun to meet the celebrities, as are all sweet and kind people when the glamor is overshadowed by a good cause.

Thanks very much Liné for your passion and lovely work!

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