Lee J. Rowland is an expert maker and designer of high end, luxury goods and objets d’art. He designs and manufactures exceptional high end contemporary furniture and interior design items for UHNWI clients.
A qualified time served aerospace engineer and craftsman, Lee is currently the Director of Rowland Art Engineering and works with client’s and industry professionals from a range specialist backgrounds. Current projects for 2019 include Superyacht art installations and a range of nautical themed furniture fittings.
With more than 30 years of industrial experience, Lee J Rowland has created a range of striking, original luxury goods. Timeless and unfading, his products remain stylish indefinitely.
He takes client’s design ideas however approximate and pulls them into startling reality by virtue of advanced but simple engineering processes. Which he has refined progressively since 1990, often breaking new ground.

His clients range from rock stars, to fashion designers, to luxury bathroom companies.
With advanced manufacturing experience, Art Engineering can effectively do quality control in every stage of the creative process, resulting in exceptional quality products often developing new materials which render the finished products even more exclusive.

With clear artistic flare allied with an intimate understanding of modern manufacturing methods, Art Engineering always offers the ultimate in luxury high end interior products. Creating a client’s idea, or producing something as a Rowland original from part of an increasing body of impressive work.


Why you have decided to work as an interior designer?

I began to make jewellery in my early career and moved onto bigger items such as tables using the skills I developed through mechanical engineering in the Aircraft industry..

After seeing your work, I have thought in jewels and art. How do you get this perfection way to do? Yes .. Learning how to manipulate metal and polish it to make it beautiful forms a big part of my work. Using the techniques and principles to make jewellery I simply scaled up the size of the items into furniture and tables.

Do you suggest the ideas to your clients or they tell you what they want? 

I always have the client telling me what exactly is what they want… I usually start by presenting my portfolio and ideas quickly developed. Sometimes the finished product will be required as it is. I recently designed a ripple table for a super yacht, the Yacht owner needed the table leg designing differently so it could be used as a storage space.

Your work has your own seal. It is really recognizable and this is the most important for a brand, but in luxury I think that is still more necessary. What do you think about this?

Sorry If I misunderstand this question, I think the extra element you mention comes with time. Big Luxury brands have the X factor because of their reputation that has grown over many years… If I am making things in 20 years then hopefully my work and brand will be even more appealing.

Your convertible poker table is already a classic. How did you think to combine a dinner table with a poker table?

I was originally commissioned to build the table by Jez San who founded PKR.com. He is a technology super fan and wanted something that would be elegant and practical. I think we came up with a very good solution.

Where your inspiration comes from?

Surface finishing and materials technology all through precision engineering.

I suppose that you have famous customers, don’t you? 

Wealthy customers, not so famous, though I have worked with American rock stars and big names in the fashion industry like Alexander Mc Queen and Katharine Hamnett.

What are your projects for the future?

I am very excited about working with new materials and applying them to my furniture. I am currently researching and developing a »Super Steel» for use with exceptional furniture and tables.



Something special that you want to add? 

I would like to thank Red Ivory and very excited about us creating interest amongst your audience. Thank you!

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