Konstantin Korobov is one of the painters of the new generation of Russian artists.

He has a well-defined style that makes it easily recognizable and, precisely, that is what makes an artist to be great.

Konstantin Korobov was born in 1985 in Yekaterinburg, Russia. His works of art always reflects the worldview of the artist, not just an inspired search for the optimal artistic solution. Studying independently and not recognizing anyone’s influence on creativity from the local artistic environment, Konstantin was able to develop his own method in painting , in which the complex realistic technique of classical oil painting embodies the philosophical author’s subjects.
The principle of the artist is a clear and vivid embodiment of the artistic image and plot, in which every detail is not accidental and expressive in the picturesque plan, but exists in a strictly defined context, not for the sake of empty beauty and pseudo-aesthetic. Korobov symbolically expresses in painting serious, often dramatic themes, which not every artist decides to show to the viewer. Thus, it reflects the modern artificial traditional, sublime value, accessible to any not indifferent observer.

Konstantin Korobov Russian painter

American Art Awards- Winner- United States
Four Seasons Art Fair- Winner- Amsterdam, Netherlands
Group exhibition
Four Seasons Art Fair / Loods 6 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

What are your origins as an artist and how did you start in the Art world?

I began to draw since childhood, but in oil paintings I began not so long ago. I studied independently, I have read books and visited a lot of museums.

Your art is really different. How would you define your style?

For the most part, my style is symbolism.

Where do you look for inspiration? Do you have a favorite painter who has influenced in your style?

I am not looking for inspiration. I know what I will draw in advance.

What is Art for you?

Beauty and skill.

Where is the art market and whereare the art consumers going?

I deliberately do not track these issues, never work to order and I don’t make copies.

What makes a work of art value or depreciate?

Time puts everything in its place.

I would like you to give us an assessment of your latest exhibitions and where have they been?

The last exhibition was held in Amsterdam. I won a cash prize and sold three paintings. Now I can live and work autonomously for a couple of years.

Where your painting will evolve?

Wherever I am, it will evolve as long as I can create.





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