Victoriano Simón  is the kind of person that makes you fall in love from the first moment. His smile embraces you and, when he talks to you about his creations, you can see right away that he puts all his passion into them.

He wears fashion in his blood and designs for a mysterious woman, full of glamor and sophistication.

He has clear ideas and knows that they will lead him to success. And, without a doubt, he will get it and I hope to be there to see him and congratulate him.
It will be a pleasure!

 Who is Victoriano Simón and when did you begin your Fashion brand?

I start my professional career working at children’s haute couture in Madrid at the same time that I’m coursing fashion studies. From there, I proceed to work on a Clubwear line for a North American brand with a 100% Spanglish concept. From there, I jump to Los Angeles (LA) EE.UU where I work in different American brands and I come back to Barcelona where I start a personal project 100% based in high quality Denim, but ends at only 3 months to start working in a high quality well known brand in Barcelona.

In 2009 I assume the challenge to take the creative direction of a multinational, the most important brand in Latino America. After 7 years, I return to Barcelona where a project of personal brand is been developing for over 3 years. And nowadays, I work on this project and also as an advisory in Creative Direction of collections for different companies in Latin America.

What value do you have added to the sector?

I believe that my brand will provide an urban use to Haute Couture.

What do you think about the wedding sector and the designers?

Dress a woman for such a special moment is an enormous responsibility, where you ought to put all your knowledge to make the woman feel unique in that day. Nowadays there is a big offer from designers in the market where a woman is free to choose according to her style.

What things inspired you in each new collection?

Each designer has a bank of resources depending on the knowledge acquired and their personal experience. The surroundings are also the clue. In my case I nourish from everything that gets closer to my mind, which is always receptive.

What kind of fabrics and accessories do you like more to use in your dresses?

A cloth is key for the construction of a garment. For my collections, I always like using noble materials, especially silks, the accessories that go with my garments and I prefer to elaborate them myself, in many cases with the same materials which I make my garments: headdresses, hats, belts, etc.

What kind of woman is this collection aimed at?

Mysterious and sophisticated woman that searches for the commodity in a high quality product, with the enough knowledge to know that what is wearing is exquisite.

You have another kind of fashion opened. Why you are focusing in the denim?

Denim allows you to explore in silhouettes that are never used enough in the industry, contributing to these a more daily use, or either make the use of the denim migrate to another not so casual. Although my collection is not only focused in Denim. In fact, the most part of my collection is based in just the opposite: stereo and vaporous cloths like the silk tulle. The silk sateen and tulle are the protagonists of a collection focused in special occasions (cocktails, weddings…).

How do you see the evolution of Spanish Fashion and Haute Couture compared to other countries?

In Spain there is a lot of potential for haute couture, but there might be a lack of a key requisite that explains why we are not included in the international walk of the high quality fashion like New York, Paris, Milan or London.

And what are Victoriano Simon’s dreams for the future? How do you see the brand in five years from now?

My actual dream is seeing Victoriano Simón brand established in the market. There is where I wish to find my brand in 5 years.



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