Kyaré is an image manager, Goldsmith designer, painter, drawer and the Founder of the brand Kaurum Jewels.

During the last years, Adras, Co-Founder and Kyaré were resident artists in some parts of Europe,
for example in the Maison Nova Masia and in the Hammer Foundation among others.

As Resident Artists, they developed their artistic art works as Fine Goldsmith, painting,
perfumery and sculpture, as well as creating a cozy boutique as a gallery of their creations.

This is a collaboration they bring to the guests and visitors, their peculiar way of working,
offering to the clients of the hotel or artistic space the possibility of learning through observation,
the authentic and delicate handcrafted of Kaurum Jewels.

Artistic Studio in the quiet and calm Keri Keri zone, New Zealand

There were developed two different collections "Las Olas" and "La Creación de las Nereidas", collections developed by ADRAS.

Jewels Collection: " Special people deserve to have unique and exclusive creations"

Kyaré collaborates also with Enuan and they are always pleasured of work personally with special clients.
All the creations are bespoke and unique pieces, made with noble metals selected natural and precious gemstones

Their pieces are inspired by Greek culture, Persian, the treasures of Egyptian decorations and all the magic cultures from the past.



All the pieces are bespoke

Wedding Jewelllery Nuptial Creations