The Hotel Neri Relais & Châteaux has been awarded with the distinction of Hotel Monument, a specialization of Barcelona's Hotels Association which recognizes hotels that add value to the heritage of the city.NERI SOFÁ Y VELAS 595x797 - República das FloresThe Neri Hotel is a five star hotel of the Relais & Châteaux chain in the center of Barcelona and it is located in the quiet and hidden square Sant Felip Neri, a magical and unique spot in the city. The privileged location of the Neri Hotel allows to visit walking the major attractions of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter like the Cathedral, but also other places like Las Ramblas, the Boqueria market and the Liceu Great Theatre.

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Hotel Neri joined the Relais & Chateaux Guide in 2012, which made it the first hotel in the city to enjoy this distinctive feature that identifies accommodations with charm and excellent gastronomic quality.

Certainly, it is one of the ideal places to have a good coffee and then walk around the Neri Square and see the different shops of art, fashion, perfumes and sweets of this beautiful Gothic Quarter.

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In the restaurant the Chef Alain Guiards offers his innovative Barcelona’s cuisine with a fun touch, with influences from around the world and a lot of flavor thought to be shared.

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Chef Alain Guiards

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The hotel has 22 rooms and suites, some decorated with murals on gold and silver, others with balconies or terraces. The bathrooms are intimate and nice. They are finished in quartzite, a stone known for its beneficial health properties.

Each room has its own particular charm, although all come fully equipped.

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The Sant Felip Neri square, characterized by its fountain and by the church to which Gaudí went to daily pray, offers true jewels like the Neri Hotel.  A magic place not to loose to visit in Barcelona.

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