On my last trip to London, I had the great fortune to know of the existence of a hotel with a very particular idiosyncrasy. This is the Great Scotland Yard Hotel, owned by Hyatt’s Unbound Collection, which was opened in December 2019.

The old building had been the seat of Great Scotland Yard and holds within it all the mystery and appeal of the world of investigation and private detectives.

As the daughter of the Dean of all the private detectives in Spain –Eugenio Vélez Troya-, I couldn’t help but feel the speed in my blood when I set a foot in this hotel.

And I was also very lucky to have Lauren, who took me on a guided tour, explaining the intrigue of the hotel and its secrets.

                                  The Inquiry – Ann Carrington – Pearly Queen Elizabeth 

When you go down the stairs, the first thing you can see are many portraits of the silhouettes of people whose lives have passed through the British criminal justice system.

Showcases full of memories of the police past that delight those who love the world of observation and deduction.

No doubt Sherlock Holmes and Poirot would have enjoyed such a familiar environment for them.

This small five-star hotel, built with red bricks in the purest Edwardian style, offers luxury and mystery for all of its clients.

You can find more than 600 pieces by 28 artists, including Nicola Green and contemporary British artists, Cornelia Parker, Alastair Mackie, Ann Carrington, Marcus Hodge and Piers Bourke.

«The 40 Elephants» Bar is a good place to take a tea or a coffee and enjoy life reading a good black novel book. This bar was made in honor of the all-female thief syndicate band «The 40 Elephants»,who were into the criminal world, specialized in shoplifting in London, between the 18th and 20th century, and all of them had a secret name. All the cocktails you can find in the menu is in honor of each of the criminal women.

The Detective Stories menu offers you all the best to taste!

We can see a button to the right of the bookstore that when pressed, opens a new room that delights those who love mysteries.
And there combines luxury, objects from the glorious detective era, a spectacular lamp that covers almost the entire ceiling, and a wonderful setting for a good whiskey.

This bar was supposed to be only for gentleman in the last century, but now is open for both woman and man.

This special collection of bottles for the alcohol was a donation from a private collector, whose name is in anonymity.

You can see different glass cabinets with exciting pieces like a police helmet, an old truncheon, police pictures and even an old wig typical of the magistrates of the time.



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