The Workshop by Deu i Deu innaugurated a new exhibition the last 7th of November in Barcelona about the artists Ángela Cunill and Maria Brossa.

Both artists presented sixty pictorial works .The paintings are original works and unique pieces on paper made with various pictorial techniques: watercolor, acrylic paint, charcoal, oil, ink, pencil and textiles, among others.

The Workshop is a renovated frame workshop and the interior designer Anna Profitós, from the studio Deu i Deu.

Nina Vélez-Troya with his friend César Royo Gascón in the innauguration of the exhibition

Ángela Cunill artwork

Maria Brossa  artwork

Landscape and unique objects, sometimes dark, sometimes with color.
Ángela Cunill employs rice silk, vegetable, delicate papers and light textures that contrast with the intensity of dark colors. It uses different techniques such as monotype, acrylic paint, gold leaf and Indian ink.
María Brossa’s paintings are original works on paper. The color is more present through the ocher, green, blue and black. It is inspired by nature, travel, light, fabrics, organic matter, architecture, gastronomy and emotions to offer movement.
The exbition was really a success thanks also to Sara Gómez that is the Press and Communication Manager.

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