Paco Yuste is a versatile artist, who dominates several painting techniques. However, it is in hyperrealism where this artist shows all his potential creating works of art richly detailed and treated with care.

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Paco Yuste Plastic Artist

“As an artist I am fascinated by the harmony, balance and symmetry that I find in nature, all of which contribute to great beauty. I can be captivated by the light that passes through the leaves of a tree creating a sifted light that partially illuminates some flowers, or how the sun’s rays play as they move on different bodies of glass that give rise to an infinity of shapes, colors, reflections and shadows. I can be enraptured by a flower, the look of a child or the beautiful figure of a woman. For me, everything in nature – shapes, light and color- is like an open book that connects me directly with the Creator, creating feelings of gratitude and reverence that impel me to create art.”

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Paco Yuste has distinct sources of inspiration that lead him to perform different types of works, whether abstract, realistic or figurative.

“I wish that my works of art as well as being beautiful have great power of seduction and for that reason I resort to realism taken to its maximum expression. They should sensitize, convey emotions and feelings… even passionate. Therefore, I use symbolic elements, elements such as the transparency of the glass, the hardness of the marble, the freshness of the flower and the fruit sprinkled with drops of water; the red rose, symbol of passionate love, etc. In my opinion, the beauty of the sun’s reflections on crystal objects is only comparable to the charm of a beautiful woman’s face and the beauty of flowers … so, in many of my works I decide to combine two or three of these elements creating delicate, attractive compositions, of incredible beauty and loaded with symbolism”.

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PACO YUSTE ARTE MODERNO PY 215MO m - Paco Yuste Plastic Artist

Abstract Art

Abstract art is that which dispenses with all figuration; Although the artist can be inspired by nature, the abstract work refers to a new reality different from the natural one. In other words, abstract art is that which extracts something from the natural and simplifies it. Abstract paintings are reduced to the purely essence of art, limited to aspects such as color, form or structure.

Figurative Art

Figurative paintings are those that represent figures of concrete realities, as opposed to abstract art. Among the figurative paintings we can mention the figure paintings including the portrait, the still life pictures, the landscapes and the seascapes. In addition to the quoted are the paintings with floral themes, very recurrent and widespread among artists.

Modern Art

Artists experiment with new points of view, with new ideas about nature, materials and artistic functions. Many of the works are made especially for the decoration of space in the home, in the office and in hotels.

They are paintings with textures and collages in which I have applied several gouache, and glazes with much looser strokes.


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