“At Diamant Classique we believe this New & Evolved Luxury Experience presents the Luxury Consumer with analternate bottle of Celebratory Bubbles for that special occasion. One which does not compromise on quality or taste, however, in addition, incorporates true intrinsic value in the form of a genuine certified Diamond, ensuring a never-to-be-forgotten experience and occasion”.

One of the few regions in the world that has successfully managed to reproduce and evolve this traditional method of double fermented Sparkling Wine successfully, is South Africa. With 350 years of wine growing experience, South Africa produces some of the world’s finest wines.

Another highly sought after luxury item ‘grown’ from the soils of South Africa, are diamonds.

Diamonds are inserted into each and every bottle, packages in award winning splendour and presented to the world at a price comparative to that of high end Champagne.

Diamant Classique is assured to heighten the experience of any occasion.

The Product:

An opportunity presents itself for the presentation of a New & Evolved Premium Sparkling Wine as an alternate to the  offerings of French Champagne.

Sparkling Wine / Champagne 

Reproducing French Champagne utilizing the Méthode Champenoise process has successfully been achieved in only a few regions of the world, one of these being the Western Cape, South Africa.

With the introduction of modernized teachings and techniques, there are few instances where these new variants have matched and even surpassed their traditional French counterparts.

In addition, Sparkling Wines have achieved these advancements at a favorable Price Point to that of Premium French Champagne.

The Diamant Classic Concept presents the selected Wine partner an opportunity to expose and promote their Wines and Brand to new HNW and UHNW markets. Markets that may not have previously been attainable.

With over 300 million bottles of French Champagne being sold annually, the potential for the “DC Experience” to capture the attention of sectors of the Premium Champagne markets can be interesting for the respective Wine, Diamond and Distribution partners.

The Diamant Classique Experience

Combining quality New World Sparkling Wine with another sought after luxury item, diamonds, creates this world first.

“The Diamant Classique Experience” can be related to the excitement and elation of finding a pearl in an oyster. However in the case of DC wines, every bottle contains its own very special pearl in the form of a genuine diamond.

The diamonds are sealed in the bottle within a teardrop shaped glass pendant, which effortlessly pours out with the last glass of bubbly.

The diamonds are encapsulated within handcrafted blown Glass Pendants.

The Diamond Pendants are then inserted into the bottles during the disgorging stage in the making of Double Fermented Sparkling Wine.

The diamonds

Diamonds are guaranteed non-conflict.

All the diamonds are certified and are of jewelry quality.

The average grading of diamond for the  DC Quarter Carat base product is – Brilliant Round .25 G SI

The Concept

Diamonds are encased in Handcrafted Blow-Glass Capsules.

The Capsule incorporates a loop that enables it to function as an attractive Jewelry Accessory.

The diamond can be removed from the Capsule by breaking the glass.

The Diamond Capsules are enclosed within premium South African Sparkling Wines produced utilizing the traditional Méthode Champenoise process.

This is then presented in hand crafted leather and polished aluminum Premium Packaging.

4 & 5 – The discovery of a Diamond in a bottle of Sparkling Wine can be related to the joy and elation of discovering a Pearl in an Oyster. However with Diamant Classique, there is a Diamond in every bottle and presents a far more pleasurable experience to discover our Jewel.

“The real challenge for luxury brands is creating exceptionally interesting products that engage consumers that have the financial power to buy anything they want”

Wealth Report 2016

1 Carat Option

1/4 Carat Option

With the merging of two of the planet’s most coveted Luxury Items, namely Diamonds & “Champagne”, Diamant Classique has met this challenge of “creating exceptionally interesting products that engage the Luxury Consumer”.

This “DC Experience” culminates in combining the distinctive allures of:

Diamonds & “Champagne”

With the combining of their respective attributes and the resultant creation of the “DC Experience”Diamant Classique is assured to hightenen the levels of interest and intrigue of any occasion.


Diamant Classique will be an interesting luxury brand to follow in the coming years and see its evolution.


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