«The private ceremony in the spectacular Château d’Oyre was the perfect success of a real Grande Dame of Arts.
The well-known gallery owner and fine arts connoisseur Mrs. Anne Clace , organizer and perfect host of a marvelous cultural event in the resplendent historical Castle, Château d’Oyre , surrounded by a fabulous artists community, art lovers, art collectors and business people , investors from France, Italy, China, Greece and Arab World.

Art Gala by Anne Clace
Mrs. Anne Clace organizer of the Excellence in Art Gala. Picture David Penez © 2023

Mrs. Anne Clace, Founder and Owner of Anne Clace Gallery and Anne Clace Event, is totally dedicated to the cross cultural dialog supporting and promoting art and artists not as a common business but as a very sensitive, creative cultural exchange creating first of all a strong friendship bridge.

Very much in love with art and traveling like a globe trotter, Anne Clace became over the years one of the most representative art gallery owner and art curator, having a great reputation as special friend to all international artists. Yusuke Akamatsu from Japan or David Penez, Cyril Burac and so many others are part of her huge artists community with very strong ideas about cultural exchange and cooperation.

david Penez © 2023 davidpenezevents@gmail.com

Anne Clace Event  «Excellence in Art Gala» was just another sensational cultural encounter organized perfectly with delicate finesse in every single detail starting with the fabulous artworks of the artists, the noble sound of the classical music, the sumptuous tables and the exquisite gourmet menu brilliantly presented under the elegant chandeliers of the historical Château d’Oyre.

Professor Abbas Koweish with Master Raouf Meftah
Professor Abbas Koweish with Master Raouf Meftah Picture david Penez © 2023

EXCELLENCE IN ART GALA organized under the patronage of Mr. David Andre Azoulay, Mecena of Arts and Director General of George V Group, was a real chance for the high class of the International artistic elite to get together for a small talk or a long conversation, visions exchange about art, art influences, views, expectations and ideas about what comes next for art and artists on this long cultural journey from the present to the future.

Mr David-Andre Azoulay President Groupe George V International
Mr David-Andre Azoulay President Groupe George V International Picture David Penez © 2023

The multicultural speech of Mr. David Andre Azoulay was a real confession and in fact a conclusion that we do need ART as important part of our life and a priority for our soul not only as investment but as a symbol of our flamboyant dreams, desires, sentiments and love for the precious gift of Beauty!

The Fairy tale visions of Master Raouf Meftah were an open window to the marvelous expression of the arabic calligraphy, fantasy and exotic elegance . His paintings are voluptuous, miraculous forms of a complex artistic language, deeply loved and respected by the great Picasso as a symbol of perfection in modern art.

Between the intellectual personalities and guests, art collectors and investors present at soiree, we could recognize the well known businessman, President of Acropolis Company member of China – France Chamber of Commerce, a real ambassador of friendship between France, Luxembourg, China and his birthplace Greece. Another very respected personality between the guests, His Excellency Professor Abbas Koweish from Iraq, President of the Government Printing and Publishing House, art lover, writer, book author and publisher.

david Penez © 2023 davidpenezevents@gmail.com

The special encounter – event organized by Anne Clace under the title EXCELLENCE IN ART GALA wasn’t just about art but much more important about why exactly we do need art, what is the real value of art and what exactly represents an Artist.

david Penez © 2023 davidpenezevents@gmail.com
david Penez © 2023 davidpenezevents@gmail.com
david Penez © 2023 davidpenezevents@gmail.com
david Penez © 2023 davidpenezevents@gmail.com

As a conclusion of the glamorous soiree, yes, ART IS MAGIC , ETERNAL, GLORIOUS. And Artists are the heroes of a never ending story. Art and artists are the colors of our life and events like EXCELLENCE IN ART GALA give us the perfect atmosphere to bring people together with the same respect, emotions and admiration for this complex and precious mystery called ART.»

Dr. Monica Mergiu

I would like to thank Dr. Monica Mergiu, Founder of the Royal Arts Visions magazine. Member of the German Writers’ Union, Member of the Intl. Federation of Journalists, about this excellent contribution at Red Ivory.

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