ALQVIMIA is one of the most prestigious brands of high natural cosmetics, pioneer in offering quality products at a holistic level. Its secret to the success it has achieved is undoubtedly the use of natural, organic and effective ingredients that provide care for the body and mind.

The company ALQVIMIA was born more than forty years ago by the hand of Idili Lizcano, perfumer and the soul of all creations. Located in Can Duran, ALQVIMIA‘s headquarters and workshop are in the middle of nature, at the foot of the Pyrenees in Tortellà, La Garrotxa.

Products of ALQVIMIA
Natural cosmetic products of ALQVIMIA

Enjoying a spa session is to immerse yourself in the magic of ancient wisdom through the different treatments and rituals, which offer not only physical benefits, but also sensory, emotional and energetic.

ALQVIMIA products have been created based on their polarity, yin, yang or ying yang and each person is tested to determine which ones are ideal for their treatment.

ALQVIMIA‘s exclusive diagnostic method achieves therapeutic results, restoring the lost balance through essential oils, alchemical formulations, massages and facial and body rituals applied in the spa.

The therapists and estheticians work with this rebalancing method and turn the experience into a completely different moment of holistic wellness.

In addition to a wide range of essential and vegetable oils, it offers two exclusive products to awaken the senses in both women and men. Sensuality is the perfect treatment to enhance femininity and sensuality and includes Sensuality Body Nectar Body Oil and Woman’s Essence Nutricosmetic Pearls for a complete experience.

Seductive Man is one of the most sublime cosmetic products ever created for men.
This exclusive male cosmetic is formulated to stimulate the senses through its aromatic essential oils, bringing strength, courage and reinforcing the values and power of attraction.


ALQVIMIA offers a wide range of high quality essential oils.

Facial and body care products



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