" I am fascinating by ballet.... I always wanted to unite ballerinas and light through the art of photography. I discovered a new dimension in my photography art. It is an astonishing discovery of classic beauty in classic light . The art in the arts. One life doesn’t seem enough to convey this combination…"



Born on the 13th of October 1970 in USSR

The work of art of photographer Dmitry Savchenko is used by leading world theatres, such as The Metropolitan Opera ( New York ),  Opera National de Paris , Teatro alla Scala , Teatro Massimo     (Palermo, Italy), The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia , Mariinsky Theatre , as well as for the purpose of commercial campaigns by other administrative theatrical institutions and promotions within the ballet industry.

Dmitry Savchenko was able to create to this day a unique collection of portraits of lead world stage masters in the domain of opera and ballet.

From 2006 to 2014, Dmitry Savchenko has exposed his work at 19 major international exhibitions, dedicated to the legends of worldwide ballet. A notable exhibition was conducted during the visit. 

Her Imperial Highness, Grand Duchess of Russia Maria Vladimirovna Romanova , Head of the Russian Imperial House , during her visit to Los Angeles on the 2nd of May 2010.

In the light of their international success, his work of art carry an immense artistic value, commercial success, as well as charitable events all conducted within an international worldwide arena.

The funds collected from the sale of his work of art are dedicated towards the development of young artists, gifted with artistic talent, as well as donated to targeted world charities.

Works by Dmitry Savchenko are featured in private residential     collections throughout the USA, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France and Italy as well in the private collecton of the Royal Romanov family and Princely House de Ligne, HH Prince Edouard Lamoral de Ligne  de La Trémoille, HH Princess Isabella de Ligne  de La Trémoille ( Isabella Orsini ).

DMITRY SAVCHENKO how you feel, how artist or photographer?

Certainly, first of all, I'm a photographer. But if we are speaking about Art of Photography, I'm an artist too,because Art photography it's a drawing with light.

Light , that is  most important thing in the Art of photography . If there is no light, photography cannot come to life. Light is the   essense of photography .



Where from does  passion come for the ballerinas?  For me it's another world. I'm fascinating by ballet. I always wanted to unite ballerinas and light through the art of photography. I discovered a new dimension in my photography art. It is an astonishing discovery of classic beauty in classic light . The art in the arts. One life doesn’t seem enough to convey this combination.

How is inspired to get that subtle beauty that is seen in all their photographs and works?

As perfectly said Vincent van Gogh : " I dream my painting and I paint my dream."

Photography is my life and if you are looking for inspiration, you must desire inspiration more then air. You must struggle for it,  to the exclusion of every other aim in life. It must be your one and only  aspiration, by day and by night. 

There is a photograph of which you are particularly proud of?I will tell you truth,- I can't tell which work for me is better. But time shows everything. 

What elements define a good result?

If we are talking about photography, if you create for example woman's portrait, you need to see first of all her eyes. The eyes really are a reflection of  the soul. And of course, it's lighting. In dependence of age, style, atmosphere  you must to choose,  which kind of lighting you will use. It's very important for the good results.

You have also photographed people of the nobility, how has this influenced your career?

My ancestors through my mother's line was from very famous Polish family - Miączyńsky http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atanazy_Mi%C4%85czy%C5%84ski my great-grandmother,- Eudoksja Miączyńska,1875 - 1933 ( father: Sylwester Miączyński, grandfather: Józef Miączyński). In 1923 she has been subjected to repression and condemned in the Soviet Union. And now, my honor and duty, through my works and pictures, I would like to popularize history of the nobility of Europe, an unique castles and palaces, great historical monuments, which have been connected with these families.

That is our historical and cultural heritage.

Let's talk about painting and the different techniques you use.

I can use mixed techniques. It can be oil or acryl with the various materials, such as glass, for example, canvas or varied types of paper. But let's don't forget,  I'm a photographer and the primary image for me, it's my picture, which I have created before.

Which has been your evolution in the time and that has been what more has influenced you in your way of developing your style?

First of all that's evolution of yourself. You need to educate yourself. After that  you will have a vision. Probably it's from my mother.  My style it's a classic beauty and a traditional elegance. And all my сreative life I'm trying to show this beauty. Because,- classics has been always classics and will be.

How do you see yourself in a few years?

Who knows. Only God knows where we will be tomorrow. Everything should  be in time.

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