On Wednesday the 22nd of January, The UHNW Business Club held it’s private intimate event at The Vault in London.

I want to thank the UHNW Business Club team –André C. Perry, Charlotte Easterbrook, Zsolt Szemerszky–  this nice opportunity to present our Champagne Heritage Prince Henri d’Orléans -Altesse Royale,  and offer our Royal Bubbles to the UHNW that  attended the event.

(Pictures courtesy of UHNW Business Club)

Zsolt Szemerszky, Charlotte Easterbrook and André C. Perry

The UHNW Business Club which connects industry leaders and decision makers from the HNW and UHNW environments provides its members with opportunities to interact both at their private events, or online via their exclusive member platform.

On the evening, Champagne Heritage was the official sponsor, and delighted guests and members with there fabulous Champagne and accompaniments.

Forty UHNW Industry Leaders, members and guests attended the evening at the exclusive Vault based in the heart of the “city” in London.

To learn more about the UHNW Business Club and Champagne Heritage please visit the links below:

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