The Chablé Resort & Spa belongs to the Small Luxury Hotels of the World and has been nominated for the Best of the Best Awards in the category of Best Virtuoso Newcomer.

 It is the Most Luxurious Destination Spa in the World located in the heart of Yucatan, Mexico.

Chablé's path wellness is set on 750 acres of the Mayan century Hacienda and has 40 contemporary accommodations.

Entrance 960x640 - República das Flores

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Chablé Resort & Spa has 38 casitas and 2 expansives villas.

Casita King Night - República das Flores


Each casita is purposely situated within the lush gardens where nature can be enjoyed to its fullest.

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The original 19th century walls of the working hacienda serve as the framework for every casita, and incorporates modern touches, warm woods and traditional Mayan architecture to make Chablé a true work of art. Every room has a view and every view is a living part of the Hacienda.

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Casita's Room

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Chablé Resort, Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico.

On a daily basis Chablé offers a series of activities focused on a particular sense, emotion or thought. Guests are always invited to participate in all wellness, balance and cultural activities offered during their stay.

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 Hacienda Chable V 0060 copia 960x640 - República das Flores

Hacienda Chable V 0065 copia 960x640 - República das Flores

Hacienda's Room

Hacienda Chable V 0077 copia 960x640 - República das Flores

President Villa

Hacienda Chable V 0071 copia 960x640 - República das Flores

Hacienda Chable V 0069 copia 960x640 - República das Flores

Ixim Entrance copia 960x640 - República das Flores

IXI'IM Restaurant main dining

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We can enjoy the authentic flavours and traditional Mayan cuisine

Clients will be transported to a different realm and time, inside a kitchen of a genuine Mayan home. Clients could make their own tortitas from fresh corn, learn how to peel and roast local chilies in a rustic hotplate to create it's own salsas; and will cook the best Pok Chuk you ever had.

Chef Luis in Garden

From  farm to table culinary experience and enjoy all the best dishes from Mayan cuisine

Tequila testing

Tequila tasting 960x640 - República das Flores

Spa Conch 2 960x640 - República das Flores

Spa Conch

A natural cenote is the energy center of the Chablé Spa.

A fusion of modern and ancient mealing techniques keeping Mayan healing traditions alive.

The Spa Menu is structured to allow guests to create an experience based on each theme and personalize their Spa Journey.

Hidrotherapy circuit and all the best treatments to relax

The natural Cenote at Chablé is the focal point of the healing journey, providing curative foundations and calm setting for development of the spa experiences. It offers a space where ancient mysticism blends with modern curiosity to bring about a new vocabulary of well-being.

Grounds 960x622 - República das Flores

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