Discovering Cannes has been one of the best ideas to start the Spring of this year, because this beautiful city located in the heart of the French Riviera, is much more than the Film Festival for which it is known.

Beaches of great extensions, the chic promenade of Boulevard de La Croistte, full of the most luxurious stores of international brands such as Versace, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Laurent , Escada and many others.
The large and luxurious hotels, well known by the famous faces of the celebrities of the world of cinema who have stayed in them.
The Martinez Hotel, the Carlton Hotel, the Miramar Hotel … all symbols of glamour and times of splendor in which the name of Cannes attracted more and more powerful visitors.

The Martinez Hotel is one of the most famous not only in Cannes, but in the French Riviera.

The Carlton Hotel is the most luxurious in Cannes and a lot of famous celebrities have been here to enjoy its exquisite services.

Beautiful New Collection for this Spring & Summer, but unfortunately all closed.

However, the sunny weather invites you to stroll and learn more about all that Cannes has to offer to visitors.
Today I have visited this part of the city which is one of the most admired and then the area of the Port.
Fortunately, Cannes is now the right place to enjoy life.
New projects to develop, friends to meet and magical moments to share with them.
No doubt that special things are coming!
«Cannes & Friends» with Lorena Baricalla


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