Beautiful new project to share with you! Our first Episode of “CANNES and FRIENDS” hosted by ballet star Lorena Baricalla, influencer Yulia Berisset and I to interview the famous Jewelry Designer, Jelena Mandic, Miss Serbia and Miss Montenegro.
“Cannes and Friend” is produced by PromoArt Monte-Carlo Production, with Production Director Tino Genovese, and Communication Director Dan Lavore.

Our Backstage was really funny and we enjoyed all the moments together in Cannes.

Morning in the beautiful Boulevard de La Croisette first meeting with the team: Lorena, Yulia, Tino, Dan and I.

The first advice of our Productor and Director, Tino Genovese, to Yulia and Lorena.

And our guest star…

                                                        … In a cold day

Promptly we were with our real guest, Jelena Mandic, Jewelry Designer of Murano jewels.

I was really fascinated about the kind welcome that Jelena gave us.

She is not only a pretty woman, but a sweet person and an interesting professional that shows us all that she does.

As Miss Serbia and Montenegro at the 2005 she participated  in competition for Miss Universe contest and won a prestigious scholarship to master studies abroad.

After her studies, she was attracted to glass and dedicated her professional life to her hobby: create extraordinary pieces of Murano jewels.

We began speaking about how we arrived in Cannes and our nice experiences in this «chic» city of the French Riviera.

Tino giving us his advices and I, preparing my questions to Jelena, Yulia and Lorena for our first Ep. of «CANNES and FRIENDS»

Yulia, Lorena and Dan

And later, an elegant lunch to enjoy our first day together with nice people, delicious catering and amazing flowers

And, of course, we could not miss our toast to celebrate this extraordinary project of «CANNES and FRIENDS» to which we invited you to meet us in person.


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