The first Bibu was born in the imagination of the personal experience and cultural influences of the founder, Yuly Monsanto. After becoming a young mother, living in Barcelona, professionally educated in New York, born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Yuly found herself with an aesthetic nostalgia for Caribbean colors and wildlife, and the dilemma of not being able to afford quality Northern Europe products.

Yuly is an award-winning multi-dimensional graphic artist and founder of Bibu, an interior, and design-led brand for children.

Yuly’s work experience encompasses a wide number of roles with two specialties: brand identity design and surface pattern design. Yuly also works as an art and design teacher, illustrator, and project management.

Along with brand identities for businesses, Yuly is a surface designer. Surface design is the creation of artwork that will be applied to products or environments. This artwork might be a repeating pattern or a stand-alone illustration. And it could be applied to textiles, gift wrap, clothing, furniture, shoes, rugs, wallpaper, plates, mugs, toys, food packaging, bags, technology products, and accessories…

Yuly was born in the Dominican Republic and has lived in the United States, London, and Barcelona, which has given her the opportunity to work for and learn from multiple branding and interactive agencies.

Design has always been her passion, guiding my life and education. Yuly studied graphic design at Altos de Chavón School of Design, in the Dominican Republic, where she won a scholarship for academic achievement to complete her BFA Degree in Communication Design at Parsons The New School for Design in New York.

Today, Yuly is the founder, creative force, taskmaster, principal seamstress, and ringmaster behind Bibu. For Bibu, Yuly uses space, repetition, color, geometry, and basic shapes, as key ingredients in the visual development of the brand.

In her spare time, Yuly teaches Corporate Identity Development at ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.


Bibu is an award-winning interior and lifestyle brand for children based in Barcelona.

Bibu creates unique interior products for the kid’s room, with high design values that are joyful, comfortable, and eco-conscious, with an illustration style that kids love and are excited to play with. The company harness the magic of the rainbow with colors, designs, and products that speak to kids and connects with parents – along with unmatched quality. 

Bibu is committed to promoting circular economy principles through sustainable practices, recycled materials, local production, and giving back, Bibu aims to be a good company for the world. The materials and production decisions are true to its values of minimizing our footprint on Earth. They design for children to enjoy the products and for parents to trust it.


Bibu transforms cotton textile waste and post-consumer PET bottles into a new and recycled yarn promoting. The end result is a unique, high-quality, and sustainable fabric that is compliant with The Global Recycled Standards (GRS) and environmental practices. 

Their manufacturing process saves thousands of liters of water, energy, textile waste from the apparel industry, and meters of non-cultivated surfaces.


Bibu works closely with local providers that carry the proper certifications, to ensure quality, transparency, and sustainability throughout the entire manufacturing process. All Bibu textiles are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified, guarantee a quality organic product, free of substances harmful to health.

Bibu uses organic cotton and licensed BCI cotton, which minimizes the negative effects of fertilizers and pesticides and caring for water, soil health, and natural habitats.

Made in Spain

Bibu’s production facilities are located in the regions between Catalonia and Valencia in Spain. 

Bibu collaborates with Fundació Roure in Barcelona. Part of the Bibu production is manufactured by the Fundació’s sewing school and workshop Emili Papirer. The Fundació Roure is a non-profit organization that provides care for the needs of the elderly and families without resources in Ciutat Vella-Barcelona. For more than 25 years, they have been covering basic needs and giving them tools to be autonomous. 100% of its income goes to train women without resources derived from social entities to facilitate their labor and social integration.

The Children Collection


Laus Design Award 

Bibu won a Laus Design Award in the Commercial Illustration category.
The Laus Design Awards are organized by the Spanish Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors of the FAD (ADG-FAD), a national, private, non-profit association.

Toy Design Serve – Behance

Dominican Design Biennial 

Bibu was invited to exhibit

Real Sustainable Brand – Verified by Ethical Time

Bibu have been verified as a real sustainable brand by Ethical Time.

Ethical Time made a holistic study of the social and environmental practices of the company, from the suppliers, the origin of the raw materials, to the manufacturing, packaging, and sales process.


Clipping of the company Bibu

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