The Talk Show “Monaco and Friends” introduces a photo shooting in the famous Monaco Harbour is the best location for Ballet Star, Singer, Actress Lorena Baricalla with luxury lifestyle influencer Yulia Berisset aka @_queeny_j to introduce their guest of Episode 7 of «Monaco and Friends»Cristina Carpinteiro, founder & CEO of The Golden Phoenix Real Estate & Investments in Portugal.
A very interesting episode that the audience can watch on Red Ivory Magazine and on all social networks and YouTube channels of the protagonists.
Portugal has the best beaches and golf courses in the world, high level maritime and equestrian activities, excellent gastronomy with Mediterranean influences, the best international luxury shops, an intense and rich cultural life with international exhibitions and musical events, and architecture marked by historical buildings combined with the most
contemporary architectural style.
Besides all this, it is a safe country, with a good prestigious school network, served by a network of civil and private airports with daily flights to the most prestigious countries in the world, two hours away from Monaco.
So it is not surprising that public figures have chosen Portugal to live in. Madonna, Phillipe Stark, Monica Bellucci, Isabelle Adjani, Christian Louboutin, or Marcello Antony, and Cristina Costa Carpinteiro have in common the fact of having chosen Portugal to live at some point of their lives, in this rare diamond of Europe.
Cristina Costa Carpinteiro, born in France, lived in the city of Nice and settled in Portugal more than 20 years ago. From this long experience of living in Portugal, this Portuguese-French woman has created The Golden Phoenix Real Estate & Investments. 
This company is the real statement that Portugal has everything for people who demand the best that life has to offer, where well-being and luxury go hand in hand.
The concept of the company is to, more than just think Client, is to supply all your most exquisite needs. The Golden Phoenix offers services such as House Hunting; assistance in obtaining the Golden Visa for foreign investors and clients, which allows free movement within the Schengen area; legal support with partner law firms and architects, Conciergerie, drivers, administrative and domestic staff, gardeners, personal and image assistants. All exclusive luxury services for unique clients, where confidentiality and discretion are the hallmarks of the company.
«We give you heart a new home». This is the purpose of Cristina Costa Carpinteiro.

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