Azul Tierra is one of the most elegant proposals that this store offers in terms of interior design and luxury accessories for the home in Barcelona.
In front of the store that opened in 1994 is Toni Espuch, a visionary of design and with the ability to acquire the most extraordinary pieces in all his trips.
His beginnings were not easy and little by little he managed to establish his business that now has a very consolidated prestige among his clientele.

Azul Tierra offers not only magnificent furniture, but also the possibility of arranging the whole house from the tapestries and curtains to the most attractive details that achieve the personality defined by each client.
Crockery, glassware, perfumes for the home, delicate blankets that cover the best armchairs and sofas and ceiling and table lamps, as well as antiques that transport us to past times.

The taste of Toni Espuch has been transferred to all his team and this makes the work achieved is excellent.
The best advertising is that which the clients themselves do and this always happens when we talk about this exquisite store that, over the years, has become one of the best proposals in the city.

Personally, I feel at home every time I pass their threshold and there is no detail that would not take me home.

Congratulations to Toni and her entire team!