Villa «El Martinete» is one of the most sumptuous mansions in Marbella and to which I had the pleasure of being invited and, immediately, I felt like I was on the set of a Hollywood movie.

I have visited many exquisite properties, but Villa «El Martinete» immediately captured my heart. This mansion belonged to one of the great myths of flamenco, Antonio el Bailarín, whose fame reached all corners of the world.

Antonio Ruiz Soler was born in Seville, in 1921 and was famous artistically as Antonio el Bailarín, as he was a flamenco dancer, choreographer and artistic director.
He died in Madrid in 1996.

Villa "El Martinete", the luxury house of Antonio el Bailarín

The famous flamenco dancer and movie star lived an intense and glamorous life, next to the most famous artists of the time and his special way of dancing placed him at the top of stardom. His presence, elegance and sophistication are still present in Villa «El Martinete» and continues to spread his magic in spite of time.

At present, this magnificent Villa is dedicated to luxury events and also for filming movies.
Its ample spaces, gardens and the combination of Mediterranean flowers offer a magical setting for celebrations and even product presentations.

The Villa can accommodate up to eighteen guests in five double en-suite bedrooms and two guest houses with full kitchens on the property.

For larger groups than the Villa can accommodate overnight, the five-stars Gran Hotel Guadalpín Banús is conveniently located nearby for additional guests.


Villa «El Martinete» combines the quiet style of an old family house with the most modern elements, carefully integrated into the design.
After the time needed for its renovation, the Villa became a magnificent luxury rental residence, as well as a privileged place to host events of all kinds, from an intimate wedding with scents of jasmine and orange blossom, to an unparalleled setting for any movie.

The baroque style is present in the two upper floors with a very ornamental decoration, full of the most exquisite details.
The antique furniture is oversized and blends perfectly with the intricate original details of the property.

Rich details in the sinks, hallways, lamps, glassware, bedding and paintings fill each of the rooms with life.

And a truly splendid detail: the private barbershop of Antonio el Bailarín.

Undoubtedly, his soul remains in his dreamy corner, attentive to the peaceful life that goes on from dawn to dusk in his beloved home.

Pictures by Red Ivory except Nina Vélez-Troya that is from Freddy Torra Photographer.

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