Tom Bushnell is a known British painter that has had paintings accepted at the world famous and prestigious Royal Academy Summer Show. He has exhibited with some of the leading artists of our time, including John Hoyland, considered to be the greatest British abstract painter. His paintings form part of collections in the UK and across the globe.

Tom’s work has been shown in many galleries and Art Fairs. He has sold over 1,000 paintings during his career.

At age eight old he won the Art Prize every year at school. At age 15 he -whilst still at school- was commissioned to paint portraits of his Headmaster, the Local Mayor, and the Chief Education Officer of the Region.

Whilst he was only 16 he was interviewed for entry as a student at two world renowned Fine Art Schools, The Royal College of Art, and The Slade School of Fine Art, but he was too young to go.

He studied painting at The Central & Ravensbourne Colleges of Art and Design and gained a BA Honours degree in Fine Art & Design. His work is to be found in collections across the globe.

Many galleries and two of the Top UK Fine Art Publishers have promoted and sold his work.

«I love the power of colour in painting! Colour can be so evocative, and I believe it’s such an important part of the human experience. It has the ability to uplift and inspire the human soul and overcome much of the negative aspects of life. I enjoy experimenting with colour and texture to create new compositions. If I can create the «Wow» factor in my work that resonates with the viewer, I feel I’ve done my job as an artist».

Tom has been commissioned to paint the portraits of the rich and famous people, as well as copies of the Old Masters, animal portraits and sporting pieces, still life compositions and landscape scenes.

What are your origins and why did you dedicate yourself to painting?

From the early age of eight I started drawing. Thereafter, I won the school Art Prize every year. I dedicated myself to painting because I enjoyed it so much and found that I could do it well.

What motivated you to dedicate yourself to art?

At the age of 15, while still at school, I was commissioned to paint the portraits of my Headmaster, the Local Mayor, and the Chief Education Officer of the Area. The local Press attended the Prize Giving.  The 3 life size portraits were on display on the school stage. I was then  featured in the local newspaper. Further to this success, at age sixteen I was interviewed by 2 world renowned Art Colleges; The Royal College of Art and The Slade School of Fine Art. So I felt that I was destined to become an artist.

What does it mean Art for you?

Art for me is all about the joy and excitement that come from creating, viewing and owning original pieces of art. It is about  the physical manifestations of the inner creative parts of the psyche.

Your art is really different. How would you define your style?

My work is inspired by the Abstract Expressionists and Colourists of all genres.

I call it «Uplifting Colourful Abstract Painting»

Where is the art market and where are the art consumers going?

I believe that the Art Market is more diverse than ever and more accessible than ever to anyone and everyone. The art consumers are going to the Art Fairs, buying online, as well as from the traditional Bricks and Mortar Galleries.

I know that several celebrities asked you to do works of the famous painters. What is the reason?

I think people have their favourite Old Masters or even Modern Masters, and some on occasion will commission an artist to paint a copy of a Masterpiece for themselves or for a loved one, instead of buying a reproduction print… It’s just not the same as an actual painting!

What makes a work of art value or depreciate?

I think there are a number of factors in increasing or decreasing the value of a work of art. These could include one or more of the following.. Supply and demand, Auction Houses, Traditional Media, Social Media, The passing of an artist, Art Critics, Fashion, The Art Establishment, Marketing, and Hype, Family Offices, Collectors, Investment Companies and organisations.

Art is a rising market, but what makes an artist to become a desired painter?

Active promotion by those in the Art World who have the power to make the name of an artist. This could come about through Social Media, Art Critics, Art Auctions and the Art Establishment.

What is the futur of the Art?

Art has always been part of the human experience. I believe it will always be so. The future of Art is assured. People will always need the wonderfully uplifting experience of being able to view and possess pieces of art.

And your futur as an artist?

I’m hoping that my paintings will inspire people now, and for generations to come!


Biënnale Veghel 2018, Holland

An Exhibition in Kings Road, Chelsea

Tom has shown a selection of his work in an exhibition at 508 Kings Road Gallery, a Contemporary Art Gallery in Chelsea’s Kings Road.

He was selected by the Selection Committee to participate in the Florence Biennale 2017, a prestigious Contemporary Art event.
Florence Biennale “Lifetime Achievement Awards” recipients have included David Hockney, Gilbert & George, and Anish Kapoor.

Tom Bushnell has also been recommended for inclusion in the next edition of the World Wide Art Book.


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  1. I have had the privilege of knowing Tom Bushnell for a number of years. A very dedicated and talented artist. His art is truly inspirational. I wish him many more years of success and happiness.

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