Christmas is always synonymous with happiness, moments to share with the family, but, above all, time to give something really special for loved ones.

And it is a magical time for boys and girls who see their dreams of those things they want come true.

I would like to share the beautiful «Princess Heart Toy Collection» that Princess Maja von Hohenzollern has made to make the little ones happy and make girls feel like they are real princesses.

The «Princess Heart» toy collection by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern with important messages!
1. Appreciation for little girls with the Princes Heart Medal !
With the «Princess Heart» collection designed by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern (Joy Toy), all little girls are awarded a princess medal! ‘
Because for Princess Maja, all girls are outstanding personalities and they deserve recognition. 
Following the example of real medals, the award-winning designer Princess Maja von Hohenzollern has created rings, necklaces, pendants, hair ornaments, treasure boxes and lamps with a Princess Heart Order. 
Little girls can give these to their best friend as a sign of friendship and parents and grandmas can also show their appreciation to their little princesses in this way. 
Girls are often not seen as role models because in fairy tales the strong knights and dragon conquerors are portrayed as heroes. 
The «Princess Heart» collection by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern sets an example of appreciation for girls.

2. Princess-Heart Adopt me-Stuffed Pets! Promoting for the adoption of rescued pets.
Real «Princess Heart Pets» are also part of the collection!
Princess Maja von Hohenzollern designed the cute stuffed animals based on her own dogs and cats, all of which she rescued from the streets and adopted.
Josy, Micky, Gino, Minni, Pauli and Spotty are 4 adorable plush dogs and 2 plush cats that really exist!

They belong to Princess Maja and she rescued them all from the streets and from animal killing centres.
The message is shown on the packaging, as the suffed Princess Heart pets are sitting in a shaby cardboard box with „Adopt me“ written on.
The important message is called «Adopt me» and is intended to encourage children to also give animals from the street or the animal shelter a loving home.
A rescued pet can also become your best friend!

3. Fairy Tale Book written by Princess Maja with the true stories of the animals!
As a great surprise, Princess Maja has written down the exciting stories of the animals in 6 little read-aloud stories, which are included as a book with each soft toy in the set.
So children get to know the real story of the life of the stuffed pets and parents can read the book when kids go to bed. The stories have also beautiful illustrations and real photos of Princess Maja.
The cute princess plush pets wear a necklace with the same Princess Heart Order as in the accompanying jewellery for little princesses.
Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is one of the best-known international animal welfare activists and she lives with 20 adopted pets, that she has all rescued from killing centers and the street.
Princess Maja also runs a www.heart4strayscom foundation for the rescue of stray dogs.

Therefore the Princess Heart Toy Collection is a truely heart project of Princess Maja von Hohenzollern!

The «Princess Heart» toy collection by Princess Maja von Hohenzollern (Joy Toy) is PETA APPROVED VEGAN and free from animal suffering.


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